National DCP Transforms Direct Materials Sourcing with SAP Ariba

Palo Alto, CA - 7 June 2016

Supply chain management company leverages cloud-based applications to fuel efficient digital process that increases productivity, lowers sustainable costs 

Transformation can be defined in many ways. But for National DCP (NDCP) it means one thing: driving innovation on a massive scale across systems and processes to deliver tangible results. With the help of SAP Ariba, the $2 billion supply chain management company serving the franchisees of Dunkin' Donuts, is doing just this. Leveraging market-leading cloud-based applications alongside its SAP ERP system, NDCP is fueling an efficient digital process for sourcing direct materials that is transforming its operations and improving both its top and bottom lines.

“When it comes to direct materials, procurement isn’t just about buying things at the best prices, but collaborating in new, more efficient ways that create value,” said Darrell Riekena, Chief Information Officer/Chief Operating Officer at National DCP. “To do this requires best-in-class solutions that go beyond simply automating tasks to connect stakeholders and systems across functions, divisions and geographies.”

NDCP is no stranger to forging such connections. The cooperative was formed in 2012 through the merger of five operating companies, each with their own technologies and ways of operating. To achieve its business goals, NDCP knew it would need to standardize things. So it launched Project Freshstart, a comprehensive, digital transformation initiative that involved changing every system and process that supported its business.

“This was an unprecedented amount of change,” Riekena recalls. “But it was the fastest way to accelerate our business.”

To enact this change with as little disruption as possible, NDCP turned to the cloud. And with support from its partner Deloitte Consulting, the company began implementing solutions from SAP Ariba alongside its SAP ERP system. The result? Seamless integration of its operations to source product, transact orders, manage inventory and financials.

“Direct materials procurement isn’t a series of discreet tasks, but a connected process that involves tight integration of people, information and processes,” said Tony Harris, General Manager, Direct Procurement Solutions, SAP Ariba. “As innovative organizations like NDCP recognize, the only way to effectively manage this process is through end-to-end, network-based solutions that are enterprise strong, yet consumer simple and power new ways of thinking and operating that create advantage.”

SAP Ariba provides a simple, smart and open way to drive an efficient digital supply chain, connecting all systems, processes and spend through a powerful global platform – the Ariba® Network. Using the cloud-based applications and services delivered on the network, companies can simplify collaboration with their trading partners, make smarter business decisions and extend their collaborations across the entire source-to-pay process. 

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