SIGNiX Enhances User Platform to Support Laser App Enterprise

15 June 2016

Laser App Software, the premier provider of forms automation and management software for the securities and insurance industries, announces that SIGNiX, the leading provider of cloud-based, secure digital signature products, has fully integrated with Laser App Enterprise. This integration enables SIGNiX’s e-signature functionality across all of Laser App’s offerings.

SIGNiX is the leading provider of Independent E-Signatures™, which are fundamentally different than other e-signature products on the market. Its Independent E-Signatures™ permanently embed the legal evidence of an e-signature directly into a signed document, which keeps e-signatures and digital documents valid into the future—no matter how technology changes. Clients do not need to access the SIGNiX system again to gain access to the legal evidence that proves the validity of their electronically signed documents. The integration is supported by Laser App Enterprise 10 and the soon-to-be-released Laser App Enterprise 11.

“The need for e-signatures in the industry is becoming less a preference and more a necessity among advisors and broker-dealers,” said Steve Johnson, Business Development Executive at SIGNiX. “With this trend building, we knew that we needed to offer e-signature to both web-based users using Laser App Anywhere and desktop users using Laser App Enterprise.”

SIGNiX has been integrated with Laser App Anywhere, the cloud-based offering, for a number of years. Enhancing the SIGNiX platform was a necessary next step in order to offer advisors using the desktop- based Laser App Enterprise software the same functionality and support from the e-signature provider.

“At Laser App, we believe in developments to extend e-signature capabilities in order to make it more commonplace within all branches of business,” said Robert Powell, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Laser App Software. “There was no decision to be made when SIGNiX wanted to become accessible for our Enterprise users; it was the natural next step.” 

Enhancing its platform to integrate with Laser App Enterprise allowed SIGNiX to become an all-encompassing solution. Both Laser App and SIGNiX offer advisors from any part of the spectrum, whether they are mobile or desktop-based, an opportunity to work within their system.  The new integration is seamless and enables all advisors to be independent. Giving Laser App Anywhere and Laser App Enterprise users access to SIGNiX’s Independent E-Signatures™ will become invaluable.

Laser App Software is used throughout the financial community as an efficient and simple work method solution. Laser App Enterprise is an installed solution that provides advisors with the ability to process electronic forms quickly. Laser App Anywhere operates with modern browsers on a variety of devices, offering a new level of convenience to the mobile financial advisor. SIGNiX chose to enhance its platform in order to offer the same, superior functionality support to Laser App Anywhere and Laser App Enterprise users.

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