ZENEDGE Brings Enterprise-Class Network DDoS Mitigation to Masses with Always-On, DDoS Protected Single IP Solution

26 July 2016

- ZENEDGE, a leading provider of cloud-based, artificial intelligence (AI) driven Web Application Firewall (WAF) and DDoS cybersecurity solutions, announced today the availability of ZENEDGE Single IP Protection, delivering enterprise-class network DDoS mitigation to organizations with less than a class C subnet.

Traditional network DDoS protection leverages Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) to determine routing decisions.  An inherent limitation of routers requires a minimum of a class C subnet (254 usable, 256 total IP addresses) for BGP configurations to work. This requirement limits organizations with smaller networks consisting of less than 256 IP addresses from leveraging network DDoS mitigation.

With ZENEDGE Single IP Protection, organizations with smaller networks will now be able to take advantage of robust network DDoS mitigation previously only available to large networks. 

Organizations who want to take advantage of ZENEDGE Single IP Protection will be assigned a DDoS-protected IP address range from the ZENEDGE IP pool.  A GRE tunnel will be established to route traffic between the organizations’ servers and the ZENEDGE protected IP network.  Finally, a simple DNS change will advertise the new DDoS protected IP addresses to the world. All incoming traffic will then flow through ZENEDGE’s network, ensuring an always-on, DDoS protected environment.    

 “ZENEDGE serves many gaming companies, SaaS providers and organizations who are hosting their solutions in a co-located data center or in the cloud’” said Leon Kuperman, CTO of ZENEDGE.   “While these organizations operate smaller networks and don’t control their routers, they are nevertheless consistently targeted with volumetric DDoS attacks.”

Leveraging ZENEDGE Single IP protection, all organizations, regardless of the size of their networks, can be better prepared for DDoS attacks, ensuring availability while minimizing downtime and any negative impact to their brand and finances.

ZENEDGE Single IP protection is a great solution for organizations such as gaming companies that leverage proprietary protocols, UDP, VPN, or non-standard TCP ports. The solution is designed to operate in a distributed mitigation environment, ensuring minimal latency impact.

ZENEDGE Single IP Protection is generally available today. Pricing starts at $3,000/month for a block of 10 DDoS protected IPs.

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