GT Nexus to Lead Discussion on Supply Chain Finance Innovation at The Talent Show

18 January 2016

Cloud Platform Provider to Sponsor Supply Chain Finance Event in Greater Copenhagen April 26-27, 2016

GT Nexus to present on innovations in Supply Chain Finance at The Talent Show. Magnus Lind, co-founder The Talent Show: “We are all very happy that GT Nexus accepted our invitation to participate and we look forward to hearing and understanding more of how GT Nexus succeeds in bringing the physical and the financial supply chains together. It’s very important for the corporate community to get an overview of the whole width of the financial supply chain and how different solutions fit together.”

The Talent Show brings together the most assertive and progressive vendors and banks with corporate executives having responsibilities along the supply chain. The purpose is to improve and speed up the transition from old time financial transacting, to new collaborative and efficient, real-time, transparent ways of working throughout the whole ecosystem.

Kurt Cavano, Chief Strategy Officer, GT Nexus adds: “Looking at the big picture, there is no separating the challenges on the physical side of the supply chain from the financial side. They are intertwined. The future is about innovation, such as making capital available without looking at the seller’s credit – instead, looking at performance analytics. For this you need data. There is where innovation towards the future starts.”

Corporate treasury, finance, procurement and sales are challenged by a megatrend consisting of many large game changers from the disruption of the financial supply chain (read: FinTech). The changes won’t go by unnoticed at corporations.

The financial supply chain will be improved with all this new technology; such as introductions of real-time payments, increased transparency of transactions, improved supply chain finance, and big data analytics. We question the working capital dogma where debt to suppliers is a good thing and debt to other funders is bad. Why is that so? Especially considering that the biggest risk for any enterprise is failing to deliver correct quality and quantity on-time. That happens when the supply chain has insufficiently funded suppliers and distributors. 

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