Contis Group starts the year by announcing full PCI-DSS certification across all operations in UK, USA and India

11 January 2016

Contis Group, the fast growing Fintech and financial services company has gained the prized PCI compliance certification across all its operations in the UK, India and USA.

All Contis’ business activities including card issuance, processing, and alternative banking capabilities and support functions, fully meets the demanding international PCI standards for financial card and account-based services.  

After a significant period of investment and development of security assets, Contis prioritised in-depth training for its colleagues across three continents.   All business functions and levels are fully skilled and experienced above and beyond the desired disciplines and practices required to hit the challenging requirements to gain full PCI certification.  With Contis Group, cardholder data is protected and secure to a high standard.

Peter Cox Executive Chairman stated:

“Contis Group is determined to be a global leader in alternative payments.  In achieving this goal, it is vital that we can offer full PCI certification and peace of mind of secure cardholder data management for all our current and future major payment projects with governments and leading global brands.

We have been growing at over 10% month-by-month and our PCI accreditation will allow us to exceed this percentage growth, as we gain larger clients.  Knowing that our innovative technology and financial service capabilities are backed by this prestigious global accreditation is putting Contis at the head of the curve.

Contis Group has gained major contracts from international brands and has become the backbone of many of the new exciting Fintech start-ups, who are changing the face of financial transactions across the world.  Our PCI accreditation will greatly add value to their business offering by accessing the real world of payments through our secure global Visa and banking connectivity and advanced APIs.  I am sure this accreditation will also assist many start-ups in gaining funding, as potential investors can see they are closely linked to the Contis Group - a highly credible provider.

I must congratulate my executive team and all our colleagues who delivered this prized accreditation.  Contis Group’s dedicated and experienced team continually strives to take on the next innovation that will drive Contis Group in becoming a worldwide Visa processor and the first choice for many of the new dynamic Fintech companies in their approaches to alternative banking and payments solutions.

Contis Group is truly a unique business; and is one of the few companies in the world that can deliver a full card and alternative banking ‘white label’ solution without touching external resources.  A true ‘total control’ offering for business needs.”

Contis Group has Visa Principle Membership, allowing it to deliver Visa programs across 32 European states, in combination with its fully passported FCA E-money licence covering all EEA states, and wholly owned Visa processing capabilities running on its own proprietary software. 

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