Fonetic Launches Next Generation Holistic Compliance & Surveillance Solution, Fonetic ATR V2

London and New York – 8 December 2016

More accuracy and usability for the only Automatic Trade Reconstruction solution able of automatically matching trade data to ALL corresponding communications, including voice and all type of e-comms.

Fonetic today launched Fonetic ATR V2, the next generation of its holistic Compliance and Surveillance solution based on its unique automatic trade reconstruction (ATR) technology and the industry’s only solution capable of automatically processing and linking 100 percent of trading data with its corresponding communications. With increased functionality and an enhanced user interface, Fonetic ATR V2 provides Compliance & Surveillance Officers with improved performance and efficiency enabling them to deliver clarity and protection to the trading floor and enabling companies to fully comply with regulations including MiFID II and Dodd Frank Title VII.

Compliance & Surveillance Officers today face a number of challenges – how to accurately detect and report fraud, how to manage alerts around potential fraudulent behaviour, how to quickly and efficiently conduct investigations and how to rapidly and accurately resolve disputed trades and mismatches. The over-arching challenge is the sheer length of time it takes to accurately unravel a trade to identify potential problems.

Fonetic ATR V2 solves this challenge through its unique holistic approach, bringing together many different elements including Font, Middle and Back-Office data, social media, data analytics, voice biometrics and unstructured data in order to create a single multi-channel, multi-language solution that can decode trader behaviour. Fonetic ATR V2 goes beyond who’s talking to whom and how often. It builds up a detailed relational picture over time that allows the analysis of all the types of communications including email and chat comms as well as, crucially, voice (most deals are completed over the phone) and that is when context anomalies, including fraud, false positives or fat finger mismatched trades, show up and can be caught early on.

“The clock is ticking for financial markets institutions to be fully compliant with MiFID II, which will mean having an infrastructure in place for full trade surveillance,” said Rik Turner, a senior analyst at Ovum. “Not only will companies be required to capture and store all relevant data for trade reconstruction, but also be able to analyse it and provide regulators with the necessary response within a tight deadline. In this context, Fonetic ATR V2 is a timely offering to enable compliance with this and other regulations covering trading environments.”, comments Ovum’s Rik Turner.

Key New Features and Functionality of Fonetic ATR V2:

  • Faster investigation process through improved usability and collaborative environment with multiple investigating officers able to share comments and notes.
  • New models to help detect more fraud cases and reduce false positives.
  • The ability to perform ad-hoc or user-defined proximity searches
  • Ability to quickly and easily export a full ATR timeline as a data file to send to the regulator on request.

Fonetic ATR V2 keeps the automatic reconstruction of trade and comms-linked data as its core technology and builds on it with an additional layer of valuable user functionality. This delivers exceptional usability and flexibility by enabling all the core information and detail to be visually presented, filtered, searched and analysed and more. By providing compliance & surveillance officers with the ability to access, present and analyse the underlying data in multiple ways, Fonetic has added a powerful new layer to the existing capability of its ATR solution.

“Previous versions of our ATR solution were all about our ability to capture the information needed to accurately reconstruct a trade. That, in no small way, included the analysis of voice as well as the context of voice content so that accurate meanings could be established right from the start of the data gathering process and we lead the world in this capability,” explains said Simon Richards, CEO, Fonetic USA. “With Fonetic ATR V2, what we are seeing is an evolution of the solution that brings it up to standard from a usability point of view. Fonetic ATR V2 is all about empowering the user – the Compliance & Surveillance Officer. They don’t need to know how the trade and comms data is linked, they just need to know that the reconstruction of all trades under their jurisdiction are updated on an ongoing basis and that they can simply and easily pull this otherwise complex and disparate data into one place for viewing, assessing and analysing in the way they want. We call it delivering radical transparency to the trading floor and it’s a must-have tool in today’s Compliance & Surveillance sector.”

Fonetic specialises in working with investment banks to manage the flow of their multiple communications channels and the resulting orders and trades into a single platform. Fonetic is the first to provide an overarching holistic view for the front, middle and back office so that banks have instant access to accurate Automatic Trade Reconstruction and Automatic Trade Mismatching saving time, reducing risk, mitigating loss and unwanted fines. Being able to monitor and understand what is said in every voice recording, email, chat and IM, banks can execute and manage the most accurate surveillance programmes and perform the most rigorous investigations to understand what is really happening on their trading floors in all languages. Meeting all of the regulators’ requirements, Fonetic ATR V2 brings compliance as a prerequisite.

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