JN Fund Managers Limited (JNFM) leads a new approach to client communications and interactive collaboration through the Conectus solution from Objectway

15 December 2016

Objectway, a leading provider of investment management and digital software solutions to the worldwide financial services industry, announced that it has signed contract with JNFM for implementation of the award-winning Conectus omnichannel, omni-device solution for digitally enhanced communications and collaboration between client and firm.

For JNFM, the Conectus solution being implemented will significantly enhance digital communication and reporting on clients’ investments.

JNFM will benefit from interactive collaboration tools such as chat, video call and screen-sharing. Investors will also be able to make requests digitally and place trade orders. 

Conectus will enrich and diversify the presentation of statements, investment reports, portfolio changes and performance with graphics and charts, making them more clear and easy to understand. Furthermore, investors will be able to do all of this via their preferred device, whether it’s a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

JNFM is a wholly owned subsidiary of Jamaica National Building Society (JNBS), which is ranked amongst Jamaica’s largest financial institutions. The JN Group offers a blend of financial services, including mortgages, wealth management, pension fund management and administration, investment banking, credit facilities, individual retirement schemes and investment advisory services. As part of the Group restructuring process, JNFM has the key goal to broaden their client base in Jamaica and internationally, while significantly improving client communications.

With its clients distributed across Jamaica, the Caribbean, USA, Canada and the UK, JNFM wanted to identify a solution capable of equally providing all customers with access to their data, wherever they are; and to collaborate synchronously and asynchronously with their advisors.

JNFM saw Conectus as a key enabler of their digital transformation and directly assisting with their client growth. This approach to client-firm digital communications is at the forefront in the Caribbean wealth and investment management business, where the client-advisor relationship is still largely managed by face-to-face meetings.

“The growing demand for client-firm digital communications and collaboration is a global trend. The flexibility of our Conectus widget-based experiences matches exactly the needs this trend has generated, by enabling financial institutions to adapt the solution to their different business approaches to their customers,” commented Peter Schramme, Chief Business Development Officer of Objectway. “We are glad to help JN Fund Managers Limited manage client communications and reporting flexibly and effectively in the digital manner their clients prefer.”

“JNFM is very client-centric. With the implementation of Conectus, we are confident that our clients will be delighted with their online experience, trading options and enhanced communication features,” said Sharon Whitelocke, Deputy General Manager of JN Fund Managers. “Now more than ever our clients will be able to tailor our services and the delivery of same, whether in person, video chats or messaging.”

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