CGI, Marand and Apperta in partnership to deliver OPENeP across the NHS

26 August 2016

CGI, in partnership with Apperta and Marand are pleased to announce OPENeP - an Open-Source medication management product developed by Marand, in collaboration with the NHS; and supported by CGI’s expertise in the integration and implementation of health IT systems. 

OPENeP is a comprehensive, user-friendly and innovative medication management product based on open standards and developed with a vision to completely replace time-consuming, and error prone manual paper based prescribing and medication administration processes. OPENeP's extensive range of functionality, integrated decision support and powerful integration options are designed to empower doctors, nurses and pharmacists to improve patient safety and deliver better and more personalised care. Furthermore, OPENeP significantly improves communication between doctors, nurses and pharmacists. It enables creative use of data, helps work prioritisation, provides reports to reflect-on and optimise established workflows.

OPENeP was developed in close collaboration with University Children's Hospital Slovenia and localised for UK in collaboration with the NHS England Open Source community with input from several NHS Trusts. In order to provide Trusts with a medication management product that will help them improve patient safety and safely transition to paperless medication management, Apperta has validated OPENeP and produced the safety case, and is utilising CGI’s experience of integrating and implementing health IT systems and who understand that significant patient safety and cost benefits can only be achieved by properly implementing the right IT solutions.

“The partnership between CGI, Marand and Apperta will make a suite of medicines management applications available across the NHS, which are based on open standards,” continues Keith Farrar, Chair of the Apperta Foundation CIC Open ePMA subcommittee “The partnership ensures OPENeP can be delivered quickly and effectively to improve the safety and efficiency of the medicines use process.”

“CGI are proud to be working with Apperta and Marand to bring OPENeP to the NHS in the UK. With our deep understanding of the health industry, we're committed to delivering integrated solutions based on open standards to benefit both Patients and staff.” Michael Herron, Vice President of Integrated Health and Social Care at CGI.

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