OptionsCity Rallies Around Student Hackathon

21 September 2015

OptionsCity was proud to help sponsor MHacks 6 over the weekend at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. We sent a few engineers to the 36-hour hackathon, and we were blown away by the hacks students were able complete in such a short period. Video games, virtual reality, robots — you wouldn’t believe it if you weren’t there. We even had the privilege of lending a hand to a few of these students, including 3rd place winner SmartShower!

For OptionsCity, hackathons are a great (and fun!) way to recruit some amazingly talented engineers. Plus, it’s a great opportunity for us to get to better know our teammates, and to give back to something we love (Go Blue!).

We were also inspired to create some hacks of our own, that we think will prove to be lasting contributions to our products. These hacks included simulated markets (great when trying to get realistic market activity on weekends), simulated order entry (ditto), a Java client library for the City API, and even an app that will help us better distribute information at future hackathons.
Look for OptionsCity to participate at future events like these, and please stop by if you’re in attendance!

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