Lodecom integrates Nuapay into its DECIPLUS software used by more than 500 sport & health clubs

21 October 2015

Lodecom ushers in the “payments-inside” revolution by integrating Nuapay into its DECIPLUS software used by more than 500 sport and health clubs 

By Integrating Nuapay into their Deciplus software Lodecom has simplified and automated the payment collection process for their sports and leisure club customers.
Lodecom’s DECIPLUS management solution for sports and health clubs is a SaaS solution first brought to market in 2009. Having doubled customer numbers in the past year, over 500 clubs now use the service to manage a range of daily activities such as bookings; payments collection; access; emails and other forms of communication. For instance, the online reservations app for smartphones and tablets delivers a modern, easy to use capability for Lodecom’s customers.

Continuing to add innovative capabilities to its service, Lodecom has now integrated the Nuapay payments account service from Sentenial into the DECIPLUS solution. In essence, for DECIPLUS users the payments collection process is now fully automated and controlled from DECIPLUS. No more swivels chairing between Deciplus and a banking application. It all happens in DECIPLUS.

With Nuapay, Deciplus offers automatic payment collections

Christophe Monestié, Manager of Lodecom has said: “Previously, our DECIPLUS software would prepare direct debit files that the sports club had to then transfer to the bank. The club then had to manage the collection process through the banks software, which can be very complicated particularly when there were payment failures. The club then had to manually reconcile payments with the DECIPLUS system. This was hugely time consuming and error prone.

From now on, thanks to Nuapay, we are moving to a completely automated system: signing a new member automatically sets up the direct debit payment schedule, executes the collections and tracks and controls failed payments. Any refunds can also be handled directly from DECIPLUS now. The club no longer needs to go through the bank. This saves the club a lot of time and virtually eliminates errors and in particular missed payments due to administrative error. Sports and leisure businesses are often small with a lot of stuff to get through on any given day and not a lot of time for financial and administrative jobs.. With this new system, the manager can have peace of mind. There is now only one point of entry for all that relates to payment collection; all information is synchronized. The risk of errors associated with manual processing is virtually non-existent.”

“Integrating DECIPLUS with Nuapay has also brought considerable benefits to Lodecom. The previous system demanded huge investment from our company in terms of customer service. The majority of our clients were not well informed by their banks about the necessary transfer procedures for traditional direct debits. Therefore, the support that our company provided, regarding direct debits, was critical and time-consuming. With Nuapay we are going to be able to reorganise our company and put this time into developing better services for our customers.. In addition to increasing our efficiency and decreasing our costs, the service extension with Nuapay offers Lodecom a significant revenue generating opportunity.”

Clear and bespoke pricing structures for the world of sport and well-being

Lodecom explains that they chose Nuapay because Sentenial offers a true partnership. Christophe Monestié states, “We were looking for a solution to adapt to the specific needs of our clients regarding direct debits. So we have worked together on the development of a tailor-made offer for our clients who have, above all, the need for transparency. We have consulted many of our clients and found that they were subject to their banks’ doubling of prices of their direct debits. We have therefore developed, with the Nuapay teams, an advantageous pricing scheme for our clients. Thanks to Nuapay, we will be able to offer our clients and prospective clients an affordable solution with no hidden costs.”

The reasons for choosing Nuapay

  • Added value for Deciplus, allowing it to differentiate itself from its competition.
  • Advantageous and transparent pricing in comparison to other electronic payment solutions.
  • Time saving and ease of use for customers, along with straightforward integration for Lodecom.
  • Win-Win partnership model that offers a customised and adaptable solution.

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