Graphic Mint’s User Experience Renovation of Zarion Allocate awarded the Top-Rated People’s Choice Award

Dublin - 17 November 2015

Zarion Software, a leading provider of process automation and work management software for global financial services organisations, is delighted to announce that the user experience renovation of Zarion Allocate has been awarded the Top-Rated People’s Choice Award at the 2015 UXies in New York.  

Zarion Allocate is used by supervisors to allocate work to large teams handling high volumes of queries and tasks on a daily basis. The user interface needed to be updated, while adapting to changing financial services processes with the objective to create a new level of user centricity. It is now highly interactive - drag and drop functionality enables supervisors to easily manage their teams and their work volumes and dynamic information now gives them full transparency of team operations. 

The introduction of profile pictures created game-changing empathy between supervisors and personnel, by simulating face-to-face interactions. This enables them to make fairer, more democratic work allocation decisions. Control and ease-of-use has dramatically decreased the learning curve and established the trust users need to rely on the system as a valuable tool.  

Gerard Newman, CTO of Zarion Software commented “Graphic Mint quickly understood our vision of how we wanted our customers to engage with our product. The product has been designed and built around user experience. Thanks to the intuitive user interface, our target audience can easily understand how the product can be used to drive productivity and improve service levels. It’s also easier for supervisors to learn how to use the product and everything is just so much more visible and so much more intuitive. It’s much simpler for them to allocate work to the right person in the right place at the right time”. 

Seamus Byrne, Director of UX at Graphic Mint said “We engaged with a number of teams at Zarion Software and conducted extensive user research for the project. The product is now much more personalised. It is great to use interaction design to make a human difference. Zarion Allocate is now a game-changing advancement of user-centred design in the financial services sector”.  

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