Show report: Startupbootcamp FinTech’s Silent Demo Day 2015

By Madhvi Mavadiya | 16 November 2015

As an accelerator program,Startupbootcamp FinTech aims to transform up and coming startups so that they can showcase themselves at annual demo days like one that took place at the end of last week.

Managing director at Startupbootcamp FinTech, Elizabeth Lumley, explained that after 14 weeks of hard work on the programme, the startups were ready to introduce themselves to the fintech community. Investors are focused on the financial services industry in London, as it is and will continue to be the fintech capital of the world. “Fintech is going to transform our industry for the better,” Lumley announced as he described the promising result of the three month relationship between the mentors and the startups.

Startupbootcamp’s mission is to validate assumptions and to stop doing things that are wasting time, said Lumley. With evidence of the effectiveness of acceleration, Lumley stated that 290 startups had been enhanced with an average raise of €587,000. Nine expanding companies introduced their companies and attendees were then asked to use their headset to visit booths where the burgeoning fintech leaders would pitch their companies and be questioned on how they intend on future proofing, and take part in this silent demo day.

Bond IT

This startup intends on optimising bond portfolios for all investments in this ever growing market, worth $100 trillion at the moment. As the solution operates on an algo-advice basis, it improves the experience for investment managers and customers. The sector is becoming more capable of personalisation and Bond IT is attempting to align to that need by providing comprehensive reports in a few minutes.


More and more tech platforms are being reformed and relocated onto the cloud: Cybertonica’s aim is to use artificial intelligence to benefit the ecommerce market and combat fraud. Machine learning is how this startup believes that the revenue-fraud balance can be optimised and in turn, allows revenue growth of up to 30%. Customer experience is also a top priority and working with ewallets, telcos, PSPs and more will ensure that they have the most efficient service.


Delio recognised that the connection between high net worth clients and their private investment opportunities needs to be improved. As was seen from their first pitch, the company are against traditional ways of thinking and they identify that investors have also changed. Delio’s intention is to transform the internal investment industry so that more time can be spent on revenue generating activities.

Money Fellows

This startup has used a 2000 year old tradition of payment money circles and lending money to friends and family, but has made it more efficient. Founder and CEO Ahmed Wadi explained how he had created a simpler way of banking between friends and in partnership with Currency Cloud, has ensured that transparency and punctuality is key when it comes to payments.

Obsidian Solutions

Co-founder Sasha Skerletovic highlighted that client communication is important, but new regulations are pushing fund managers over the edge. £3.14 billion is spent on investor relations every year and with their solution, FundBinder, it provides the smaller fund manager with flexibility and accessibility.

Stock Views

Stock Views operates as a two-sided marketplace, CEO Tom Beavers explained, as it connects analysts and small firms with fund managers. This is set to become the platform that will fit with the changing role of the investor but also be a source for the best equity research and take a more direct approach to focusing on the fund manager.


Tradle have created a KYC network on blockchain and have tried to develop a factor that is a pain for the banking industry because of data, privacy and regulation. With their platform, the customer can move data from one bank to another effortlessly because of how the blockchain technology works. Tradle see this as an opportunity for the banks to reinvent themselves as trust networks, and are already exploring working with Rabobank. 

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