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29 May 2015

Change is a constant for today’s trading firms. Evolution is occurring not only in the regulatory landscape but also in the technology world. Trading systems that were implemented as little as five years ago may well be inadequate for many firms.

For organisations looking at purchasing new trading systems the bobsguide Trading Systems Guide features a comprehensive Matrix enabling buyers to compare and contrast the different functionalities of solutions on the market today.

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The choice of system will be influenced by a number of factors that are outlined in this Guide. Requirements for best execution, for example, may well be strengthened and firms will need systems that can monitor broker and venue performance more accurately.

Complementing the Trading Systems Matrix, we have a selection of features that explore the role of standards in addressing business and regulatory issues in the world of trading and some of the questions firms should be asking when undertaking a system upgrade or replacement.

In addition to editorial features, the bobsguide Trading Systems Guide includes a comprehensive functionality matrix of Trading System offerings in the market, to help you compare the options that are available. For more details on each listed vendor, simply click on the company name to visit each company profile on www.bobsguide.com

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We hope you enjoy the Guide.

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