NanoSpeed launches fastest trading FPGA on the market

London - 26 May 2015

NanoSpeed, the provider of ultra-fast FPGA solutions to the trading community, has announced today the world’s fastest FPGA for trading with the launch of Nano-Gateway, a trading gateway. The new FPGA halves the latency of NanoSpeed’s first trading gateway, Nano-TG (launched in 2013) which was already the fastest on the market by a significant margin. The new generation gateway offers a host of benefits for financial institutions, including order entry, pre-trade risk and market data as well as new connectivity to exchanges, including NASDAQ, PSX (Philadelphia Exchange) and BX (Boston Exchange) using the ultra low-latency UFO protocol (UDP For Orders).

Sanjay Shah, CTO of NanoSpeed, says: “Nano-Gateway offers exceptional performance and therefore a massive reduction in TCO for financial institutions in the low-latency, high-frequency trading (HFT) space. One of the great things about Nano-Gateway is the load balancing it offers: if there are unusually large volumes of client-side orders they will be automatically balanced across the 1,000+ outgoing connections, maintaining very low latency and determinism. Even with 500,000 messages per second the latency remains constant at 220 nanoseconds.”

Nano-Gateway is unique because:

  • It’s the fastest product on the market. With much of the functionality moving onto the FPGA, its performance has been vastly improved, delivering client orders to an exchange in less than 220 nanoseconds.
  • It offers up to 32,000 client-side trading connections, which means that thousands of algos can be run concurrently.
  • Nano-Gateway allows for up to 1,024 venue connections on one FPGA, which gives it the ability to load-balance.

One of the other benefits of Nano-Gateway is the very low footprint, compared to having the same functionality in software. To offer the same functionality and throughput as a single FPGA in software would require between 16 and 32 servers. This in turn means that using Nano-Gateway would free-up an entire rack, significantly reducing space and energy requirements.

Nano-Gateway uses the following protocols:

  • NASDAQ UFO (UDP For Orders) protocol – UDP is very low latency (of approximately 100 nanoseconds) and more than twice as fast as TCP.
  • NASDAQ ITCH protocol for market data.

With NanoSpeed less is more because users need less time to do more business.

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