Scott Logic white paper calls time on technology?

20 May 2015

Software consultancy Scott Logic has released a new white paper to help businesses in capital markets gain competitive advantage by exceeding customer expectations by delivering a truly seamless experience.

With online investment and e-trading increasingly carried out on the move, customers are beginning to expect an omni-channel system, whereby they can use all their devices – desktop, smartphone, tablet, wearables, … – as part of one unified service. This white paper argues with the proliferation of platforms and devices, chasing technology and aiming to deliver all services on every single one is unrealistic.

Rather than try to keep up with technology, when it comes to system development, Scott Logic is urging a different approach.

How the absence of technology can help your business to grow

In Making Technology Disappear: Building Omni-channel Systems for Capital Markets, Scott Logic challenges the technology chase and instead gives technology strategists and leaders in capital markets the opportunity to explore and address the importance of user experience, rather than devices, when building an omni-channel system.

Graham Odds, Head of User Experience Design at Scott Logic explained: “The only way to tackle the ‘platform explosion’ is to move away from considering each platform in isolation, and the mindset that all your services must be available on each and every device.”

Instead, Graham, along with his co-author, Scott Logic’s Technology Director Colin Eberhardt, feels technology should seem “invisible” to the customer. They should be focused on what they wish to do rather than which device they must use to do it.

“Making Technology Disappear” may seem like a strong statement but is one we feel is achievable if user experience underpins technological decision-making. The success of any omni-channel experience is when technology plays a supporting role to users’ tasks and contexts”, said Colin.

Colin added: “Through reading and sharing this white paper, we hope technology strategists will see how this simple mindset move can help them achieve sustainable, long-lasting growth, reduced development cost and provide truly seamless user experiences.”

Find out more and download the full paper on Making Technology Disappear here

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