TIBCO Steers the AA Onto the Road to Better Business

London, UK - 19 May 2015

TIBCO Products and Professional Services Chosen by the AA as the Foundation for Business and IT Transformation Program

TIBCO Software Inc., a global leader in infrastructure and business intelligence software, today announced it will provide the AA with enterprise products and services as part of a fundamental business and IT transformation program. 

The AA is one of the UK's best known and most trusted brands, and the country's largest motoring organisation. It is also one of Britain’s leading general insurance brokers, in addition to providing a wide range of other products and services.

To further develop its business, the AA needs to increasingly share business intelligence and analysis resources with third-party organisations, such as price comparison websites, as well as provide faster, richer, and more finely tuned analyses of risk and customised pricing. As a result, the AA was not only looking to build a platform for the integration of its in-house systems with those of its partner companies, but also to embrace the concept of Fast Data, enabling it to respond in real time to events in context rather than simply collecting data for later analysis, missing the opportunity for action when it matters most.

“We were looking for an experienced partner able to provide both technology and the expertise needed to facilitate a fundamental aspect of our business and IT transformation program,” said John East, head of enterprise architecture, AA. “TIBCO was chosen based both on an excellent technical fit, plus the ability to execute in an environment where a high rate of change is expected, and performance and availability are of paramount importance.”

“The products selected will enable us to build an integration platform to meet both immediate and future requirements,” he continued, “while engagement with TIBCO architects and professional services has given us increased confidence in our ability to successfully execute the planned program.”

The AA will use the TIBCO Enterprise Message Service™ Appliance to support the first phase of the transformation program—a drop-in hardware appliance that reduces administrative and infrastructure costs by simplifying the management of large messaging implementations. To this, the company is then adding TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks™ 6, the latest generation of TIBCO’s industry-leading enterprise integration platform, which leads on simplicity of design, an open API, increased developer orientation, and other features to expose data as real-time events or API services to customers, employees and partners needing to exchange data in real time on an ever-increasing array of devices.

"Once again TIBCO unites with a strong UK brand with a progressive and successful business built on robust and proven IT foundations,” said Andy Menzies, vice president, sales, UK and Ireland, TIBCO. “We are pleased and proud to be working with the AA to build the secure integration and fast messaging platform it needs to underpin future growth of its insurance and other businesses and look forward to a successful journey."

The AA is also taking advantage of TIBCO professional services, working with a dedicated project manager and integration architect to assist in the design and planning stages of the program. Moreover, the AA sees these TIBCO products and services as a way of providing the foundation blocks for both the current project and future innovation.

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