Process Guidance suite, a ‘GPS for software’ to be demonstrated by IMC at Learning Technologies summer forum

London - 13 May 2015

Virtual desktop assistant for informal support

IMC, a provider for bespoke e-learning content, learning management and compliance solutions, will be presenting their popular virtual assistant software, called IMC Process Guidance Suite, alongside their market-leading LMS at the Learning Technologies Summer Forum on 16th June, 2015.

IMC’s Process Guidance Suite is an innovative EPS (Electronic Performance Support) software designed to help organisations enhance informal learning strategies in the workplace. If applied correctly EPS systems can offer a more effective approach than asking a colleague or looking up a software function on an internet search engine.  IMC Process Guidance Suite can also operate  from directly within an existing piece of software, such as Microsoft office, a database or a bespoke application, to provide  practical ‘directions’ to the end user by leading them step-by-step through a complicated company process or compliance directive. It’s like having a virtual desktop assistant on call 24-7.

IMC Director, Dirk Thissen explains, “Although companies are often unaware of just how ineffective out-of-context formal training initiatives can be, studies have shown that even just 48 hours after completing formal training, learners manage to remember only around 30% of the information[1]. As an alternative, informal (on-the-job) and micro (in bite sized chunks) learning can actually be far more rewarding strategies for professional development.”

The e-learning sector has been promoting informal learning as a focus over the last few years and has now widely accepted the 70:20:10 model where 70% of learning happens on the job, 20% from colleagues and 10% from formal training. However, there is still not much on offer in the way of support tools to boost the efficiency of this type of learning.

Dirk Thissen adds, “Companies are beginning to understand that they need to support their staff in situations where they learn informally, but many learning and development teams are unsure of the best way to do this. Process Guidance Suite can be used on any software to provide ‘at the time of need’ assistance to all staff, regardless of their role in the company.”

IMC Process Guidance Suite can:

  • Reduce the time employees waste on formal software training by helping them to learn-as-they-go. It offers real-time assistance as and when they need it from within the software itself.
  • Dramatically reduce the need for employees to troubleshoot their software issues by asking colleagues, searching online or looking in company manuals for the information they need.
  • Reduce the number of calls and queries received by the helpdesk or IT support team on software or processes – saving both their time and the employees’.

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