Equinix accelerates interconnected era with global launch of five new data centres

5 March 2015

Equinix (NASDAQ: EQIX), the global interconnection and data centre company, today announced that it will open five new International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centres on four continents to create more capacity for global companies to connect to their partners, customers and employees. By providing this capacity, Equinix is playing a major role in advancing the digital economy's interconnected era, in which businesses are demanding increasing levels of interconnection to accelerate business performance.

Re-architecting IT towards a dynamic and distributed infrastructure

  • In today's world, instant interconnection with partners, employees and customers is essential to compete and succeed. But as the level of interconnection required to thrive in the digital economy grows, enterprises are struggling to keep up, given tighter budgets, limited resources and security worries.
  • Equinix has observed a critical business requirement driving demand for interconnection capacity – the need to interconnect people, locations, clouds and data. Interconnection is essential to deliver a rich, ubiquitous user experience with the agility and actionable insight to enable new business models and enhanced productivity.
  • To address these business needs companies will need to forge business advantage by collaborating in communities with other enterprises via secure, reliable and instant connections. In anticipation, global enterprises such as American Infrastructure, Box, CDM Smith, GP Strategies and HarperCollins are building out their IT infrastructures for maximum connectivity and global scale.
  • With more than 147,000 interconnections already established among its customers, Equinix offers the world's leading global interconnection platform – Platform Equinix™.

Introducing five new data centres

In the coming weeks Equinix will bring five new data centres online across its global interconnection platform of more than 100 data centres, for a total investment of $277m and representing an additional 4,200 new cabinets. In addition, these sites will add over one million square feet of new data centre space at full build to the 10+ million square feet present in the existing global footprint, increasing the scale of Platform Equinix by more than 10 percent. The five markets where Equinix is opening new IBX data centres are epicenters for global data and communication flow.

  • New York - The NY6 data centre in Secaucus will serve the world's largest financial, media and enterprise companies with premium colocation services and will meet enterprises' need for larger footprints to deploy data-intensive applications closer to the edge.
  • Singapore - Asia-Pacific markets are in a period of rapid expansion, and Singapore is at the centre of this high-growth region. SG3 will be Equinix's largest data centre in Asia-Pacific and Equinix Singapore is the most densely networked metropolitan area in the region.
  • Melbourne - Melbourne is a hub for software companies and a centre of Australian economic activity. TheME1 data centre will mark Equinix's entrance into this market and provide customers with the opportunity to interconnect to leading companies and accelerate performance of their digital supply chains.
  • London - The LD6 data centre, located in Slough, marks a major milestone for Equinix as well as the United Kingdom's (UK) digital sector. The flagship UK data centre was built to meet escalating demand for interconnection capacity across the region's fastest-growing campus and is a virtual financial centre with 25 percent of European equities trades originating inside Equinix.
  • Toronto - TR2 will be a state-of-the-art Equinix data centre located downtown, just one mile (1.6 km) from TR1 - home to one of Canada's most robust trading ecosystems, with participants that include alternative trading systems, market data providers, risk management service providers, traders and banks. The two IBXs are tethered by Equinix's Metro Connect and carrier-provided fibre, creating a highly interconnected business ecosystem.

According to research by industry analyst firm TeleGeography, London (2), New York (5) and Singapore (11) are in the top 12 global metropolitan areas for peak international Internet traffic. Additionally, the London to New York route is the second largest international Internet traffic route globally with more than 1.82 Tbps of peak traffic. By boosting interconnection capacity in major financial centres (London, New York), international gateways (Toronto) and growing markets (Singapore, Melbourne), Equinix is sparking business opportunities around the world that are driving the digital economy.


Dan Levin, COO, Box:

"Box is proud to partner with Equinix to support infrastructure growth and scalability. Equinix provides the benefit of interconnection with other enterprises through their platform, and increased WAN performance that enables productivity in an age where cloud and mobile dominate the workplace."

Greg Bryan, senior analyst, TeleGeography, Inc.:

"In today's digital economy, the demand placed on interconnectivity has reached a new high. In a world where cloud dominates IT strategies and enterprise business models are interdependent, interconnection is a make-or-break proposition."

Steve Smith, president and CEO, Equinix:

"Equinix is the global interconnection platform for the world's leading businesses. Our rich history of interconnection, built over the last 16 years, makes us the ideal place for business to connect, and we believe that these five new data centres will provide even more ways for global businesses to innovate."

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