Bit Coin – Attacks on the rise but solutions are on the horizon

31 March 2015

From Mt. Gox to Bitstamp and Bter, Bitcoin hacker attacks have been abundant, lucrative, and even threatening to the longterm viability of this prominent digital currency.  As the industry strives to stay ahead of the attackers, both security solutions and attacks have evolved to advanced levels of complexity.  Now that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have a recognised presence in the digital payments space, it’s time to examine the evolution of security as we consider what it will take to enable widespread consumer adoption of this liberating technology.

So whilst it might be true that the landscape of payments is undergoing an exciting transformation and that disruptive innovation in payments and commerce creates new great opportunities, new fraud threats appear and the security of transactions, secure identity and data privacy are of growing concern to consumers, merchants and consumers, enterprises and governments.

Contactless, prepaid, MPoS, wearable technology, virtual wallets, offline, online, and mobile all have their supporters but none are without myriad security issues and challenges. If you are a retailer, merchant, acquirer, financial services organisation or technology vendor then The Payment Security Summit will provide you with the guidance, knowledge, insight and contacts you need to ensure that your current and emerging payment systems are secure for consumers today and tomorrow.

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