Clearwater Analytics Releases Results of 2014 Corporate Investment Peer Benchmark Survey

Boise, ID - 26 March 2015

Informative Report Offers Insights into the Current Investment Environment and Corporate Treasury Strategies and Concerns 

Clearwater Analytics®, the leading provider of web-based investment accounting, reporting, and analytics for institutional investors, today announced the results and analysis of the 2014 Corporate Investment Benchmark Survey. The survey’s 400+ respondents represented accounting and treasury professionals from a wide array of corporations with investment portfolios ranging from less than $100M to larger than $50B across more than 30 industries. It revealed what they thought about the current investment environment, how they perform key treasury, accounting, and investment reporting processes, and their investment allocation strategies.

The report summarizes survey results, presents key findings on a wide variety of investment-related topics, provides insight into key challenges U.S. corporations face in these areas, and what they are currently doing to address them. Responses to the question “What are your biggest investment-related concerns?” were particularly illuminating, and illustrated four universal categories of challenges:

  • The investment environment—83% of respondents believe interest rates will stay the same in the short term (within the year)
  • Operational efficiency—Almost 50% of respondents take five days or more to close their books at year end
  • Risk and compliance—50% of respondents are “very” to “extremely” concerned about US GAAP accounting regulations
  • Strategy execution—Just over 20% of respondents are considering moving into separately managed accounts

“Having the report was a great way for us to get insight into how our peers are managing their investments and for us to see that we are definitely on track, if not ahead overall. The Clearwater solution helps us tremendously in the accounting, reporting and disclosure process for our accounts,” said June Che, senior manager of treasury at SanDisk.

“The survey was designed to capture detailed information regarding the investment environment, key challenges corporate treasury and accounting teams face, and the operational side of investment accounting and regulatory reporting,” said Tyler Haws, director of business development at Clearwater Analytics. “In seeing peers’ responses, corporations can benchmark their own strategies, challenges, and processes to determine how they compare. Understanding internal challenges is the best step to take in solving them, and Clearwater is excited to provide the investment data corporate treasuries need to make better decisions, evaluate their strategies, and improve current processes.”

Corporate treasury and accounting professionals who would like to view the survey results can access it on the Clearwater website. Clearwater Analytics is conducting the Corporate Investment Benchmark Survey again in mid- to late-2015.

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