MIK Extends its Security Master to Include Reference Data Management (RDM)

New York - 16 March 2015

User Defined RDM provides centralized enterprise governance and management Over Firm reference data

MIK Fund Solutions, a leading provider of decision support and workflow software solutions for alternative asset managers, today announced that it now delivers a unique tool which expands the functions of its Security Master application to include reference data management (RDM). 

Reference data requires a specialized and more flexible form of data management that is contextually relevant to each firm. Unlike traditional security master data management, RDM requires several specialized features on top of what is found in current platforms in the market place for alternative managers. MIK’s new application, enables managers to self-define entities deemed critical to their firm and their investment thesis (Portfolio, Fund Definitions, Strategy, Brokers, Analysts, Mandates, etc.) and create not just a golden copy of a firms security terms and conditions, but a golden copy for all reference data used across the firm for system integration, operational efficiency and overall reporting.

Said Fadi Kaddoura, CEO of MIK: “Managers remain under intense performance and scale pressure. At the heart of performance is better decision making, often based on information advantage.  At the core of our offerings, MIK has always married data to the investment thesis. With the expansion of reference data in the Security Master, managers now have unprecedented capability in flexibility and decision and reporting power.”

Over 60 multi-billion dollar hedge funds, fund of funds, and private equity funds rely on MIK for sophisticated software solutions for real-time PNL, Data Warehousing, Performance/Attribution, Compliance, Treasury Management, Security Master/Price Management, and Broker Relationship Management. Clients are assured that these applications are fully integrated with an advanced approach to the warehousing of the underlying source data (be it internal or external). The resulting tailored reporting gives managers of any asset class and strategy the ability to assess risk accurately and make informed trading and portfolio decisions that directly impact performance and productivity.  As a result of this approach, the confidence that clients place daily in MIK has secured its place as the innovator and industry leader.

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