Osney Buy-side Identifies the Top Three Challenges Faced by European Asset Managers

London - 10 March 2015

Asset management community will come together for the TSAM Europe Congress to discuss the latest trends and issues

Osney Buy-Side, organisers of TSAM Europe, the world’s leading event for developing efficient investment management companies, identifies the top three challenges that European asset managers are currently facing. The role of technology in driving growth; the continuing wave of regulation; and lack of standardisation in cash flow management, are three of the most pressing concerns for the asset management community. The 14th annual TSAM Europe returns to London on 17 March to address these issues, and the latest strategies and developments in the asset management industry.

The role and importance of technology in driving growth for the future of the industry is of high importance, and at the front of asset manager’s minds. The issue will be addressed in the event’s opening plenary by AXA Investment Managers, who will provide an overview on industry priorities and how to drive innovation forward. Experts from AXA Investment Managers will focus on where technology can add the most value to business, and highlight the importance of technology teams in business strategy decisions. 

Compliance challenges and a wave of regulation continues to place pressure on the day-to-day workflow of an asset manager. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), EFAMA, and The Investment Association will address what’s on the regulatory landscape horizon in asset management. Asset managers are concerned with how to ensure they stay one step ahead of the regulator and are not at risk of breaches and fines. The session will explore this primary concern as well as discuss what regulators will require over the next few years.

As well as the role of technology and compliance challenges, asset managers face operational challenges due to a lack of standardisation, leading to inefficiencies. TSAM Europe host partner, Goldman Sachs Asset Management, has been working on a project to standardise cash flow, aiming to enable efficient portfolio management, for one part of the industry. Collaborating with the Investment Management Association’s (IMA) operations committee, Goldman Sachs focused on standardising cash flow information to eliminate the manual intervention that asset managers currently face.

“When we approached the IMA with the idea to standardise cash flow information, the industry feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive. The aim of the project is to encourage asset managers to explore the opportunity to standardise their cash flow and benefit by improving efficiency and compliance. They are safe in knowing that we use SWIFT to enable us to deliver the message in a really secure way. The real advantage is through industry standardisation. The more asset managers that adopt the message, the benefits to the industry will be reaped,” commented Nadia Humphreys, Executive Director of Operations at Goldman Sachs Asset Management

With representation across the conference from BlackRock, the European Commission, Cardano, BNY Mellon, PIMCO and the Bank of England, TSAM Europe provides firms with the opportunity to hear from the world’s leading players in the investment management community.

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