PayExpo 2015 Video Interview: What is the future of payments going to look like?

17 June 2015

bobsguide recently attended PayExpo 2015, the UK’s largest payment event which brings together many of the major innovators and experts in the payments sector and provides information to help tackle the issues facing banks, retailers and local governments through a range of conferences and workshops.

The payments sector is going through a huge transition, especially with new non-financial players such as Facebook and Google entering the financial space, but where this will leave traditional players such as banks?

Check out bobsguide’s video interviews below, which ask a variety of key industry figures at PayExpo including Mike Laven, CEO of Currency Cloud and Liam Spence, Product Owner and Head of Innovation at Zapp, what will happen to banks if Generation Y prefer to use Google and Facebook in the future and what should the payments industry being doing now to prepare for the years ahead.

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