Computers Unlimited Deploys Tinubu Square Credit Risk Solution To Manage Credit Limits And Support International Growth Plans

London - 27 January 2015

Tinubu Risk Management Center (Cloud-based SaaS) to go live in January

Tinubu Square, the trusted source of credit risk solutions for trade credit insurers and businesses, has today announced that the Tinubu RMC SaaS (Risk Management Center) platform is being deployed by Janson Computers plc, trading as Computers Unlimited, the pan-European distributor of computer, home entertainment and hi-tech products, to manage limits on trade credit facilities and automate its credit arrangements with customers.

Tinubu RMC, which is a cloud-based, SaaS solution for B2B credit intelligence and operational reporting, is being implemented at Computers Unlimited’s London headquarters but it will support the organisation’s growing network throughout Europe.

Stephen King, Group Credit Manager at Computers Unlimited, said: “When I first became aware of the Tinubu Square solution, our portfolio of customers and the numbers of countries we were operating in was increasing and this was becoming a challenge for us in terms of managing credit risk and making declarations to our insurers. It was both onerous and time-consuming. Tinubu clearly offered many ways to assist this process.”

The automation of critical tasks was of vital importance to Computers Unlimited. The system, parts of which have already been rolled-out, works in two ways. Firstly, it can recommend increases in credit limits based on a customer’s payment history and secondly it can also prompt the credit management team to reduce limits when they are no longer justified. This gives Computers Unlimited improved awareness of its exposure to risk, which is also an advantage with its insurer.

“We are already interfacing with our insurer through the Tinubu system,” Stephen King continued. “The result is that instead of waiting hours for a response to a requested limit, we have a response within just seconds, and because we are in better control, we don’t miss anything that could jeopardise a potential claim. From January we will also be able to collate management reports very quickly which we were not able to do previously.”

The implementation will be completed in January 2015 and the system will be managed by the credit team at Computers Unlimited to further support the company’s growth plans.

“We have an ever expanding portfolio of customers across many different countries,” continued King. “When I joined the company four years ago we traded with maybe ten or twelve countries, but the level of international business is now almost on a par with the UK operation and we expect this to grow even further. So this tool is great because we can apply it everywhere. It enables us to sell more to the right businesses and manage our risk portfolio with greater confidence and we have meaningful reports to assist us with running our business. I wish we had taken it on over a year ago. The more that we are able to use it, the more I see that we can’t do without it and I fully expect to see a return on our investment within a year.”

Sebastien Clouet, Marketing Director, Tinubu Square, said: “Many of our customers, like Computers Unlimited, are benefiting from not only a much greater level of control over credit management, but also the associated savings in cost and time. Because Tinubu RMC is cloud-based, there is no disruption to existing hardware and software, so it makes the solution easy and quick to implement. We are delighted that Computers Unlimited, which is rapidly expanding across Europe, is already benefiting, even before the system is fully deployed.” 

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