Hundreds of AIFMD reports submitted to authorities in Austria, France, Ireland, Luxembourg and United Kingdom

2 January 2015

acarda’s arep AIFMD reporting engine makes it possible!

The last quarter of 2014 was very a challenging time for acarda’s IT specialists and business experts who have conceived arep AIFMD, our AIFMD reporting software. Fortunately, they successfully mastered all challenges for any jurisdiction in Europe, independently of their difficulties and complexities. Many of our clients very expressly thanked our team for its assistance and guidance. It was great for our customers to be able to complete the first submission before the reporting deadline.

Just 3 seconds per report production & dissemination

The production of those hundreds of reports was the success of 1.5 years of hard work, partly in close cooperation with some of our clients. One of the major challenges was the collection of data from numerous sources and correctly merging the information. Our answers to this were:

  • Integrated data management & classification of clients assets:
    • Automated checks and validations of data completeness and consistency as well as rule-based classifications ensure that your data and reports are high quality and ready for approval.
  • Monitoring dashboard ensuring transparency over data & processes:
    • All reporting processes from data import and manual entries to classification, calculations and final reports can be easily monitored on our web-based dashboard with traffic light system and alerts.

Additional functions to make the burdensome reporting easier

Our expert teams work on many different AIFMD onboarding projects. During their analysis work for their clients and local regulators they were able to identify exceptions and problems even before they showed up in the reporting process. The following functions are part of their analysis work.

  • Production schedule of reports:
    • This function enables users to predefine the scheduled report production dates and to display the most urgent AIFs on top of the list.
  • Enhanced dashboard:
    • Functionalities such as data service monitoring, audit trail logging and other upgrades have been added to make the application extremely user friendly.
  • Process rules monitoring (PRM):
    • Monitor reports and send out alerts when the reporting deadline is approaching or reports run into error (customized checks).
  • Error log:
    • The error log enables users to display errors during report productions so that they can locate them easily.

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