QLAdmin Solutions – Announcing Our New Company

Austin, Texas - 19 January 2015

The Insurance Software Division of Rudd and Wisdom, Inc. Consulting Actuaries has become a privately held and affiliated company known as QLAdmin Solutions.  QLAdmin Solutions provides leading life insurance policy administration software, QLAdmin, to nearly 40 small and medium sized insurance carriers.

Chris McCaul, FSA, MAAA, an actuary and senior principal with Rudd and Wisdom, Inc. Consulting Actuaries for the past 35 years, announced that effective January 1st, 2015, the Rudd and Wisdom, Inc. Insurance Software Division became a privately owned and managed company known as QLAdmin Solutions. In a strategic move, the principals at Rudd and Wisdom, Inc. spun off the Insurance Software Division to create the new corporate entity, which remains an affiliate of Rudd and Wisdom, Inc. Mr. McCaul stated that the purpose for taking this portion of the company private was to enable both organizations to continue on their strong and stable courses while setting the stage for QLAdmin Solutions’ future development.

Mr. McCaul created the QLAdmin program and has lead the insurance software division for the last 26 years. Under his direction, the QLAdmin life insurance policy administration system has greatly expanded in features, functionality, with additional modules and online portals. Since 2011, the software team has added new employees and experienced a 40% increase in clientele. 

To ensure continued success for QLAdmin Solutions, Mr. McCaul appointed three key employees as new company officers: Greg Garza, Director of Development; Robert DeSarro, Director of Support; and Kat Correa, Chief Marketing Officer. The QLAdmin Solutions team is poised to take advantage of the software division’s long history, reputation and market share and continue to be a major player in the life insurance policy administration market. 

“I’m thrilled about the new venture we’ve undertaken, and it’s incredibly exciting to enter this new phase of operations with such a solid team behind me” said Chris McCaul. “This is something that we have been working towards in the last couple of years and to see the plan come together is very gratifying.”

Going forward, QLAdmin Solutions will retain all employees and operating guidelines. The company mission is to continue to develop, service and license their leading life insurance policy administration system and related tools for their clients and target market; the small to medium-sized life insurance carrier with traditional business. 

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