Lancope® Unveils New UDP Director for Optimised Network Performance and Security

London - 19 January 2015

Easy-to-manage solution simplifies the collection and distribution of network and security data across the entire enterprise

Lancope, Inc., a leader in network visibility and security intelligence, unveils its new UDP Director™ appliance for dramatically simplified data collection and distribution across enterprise networks. Formerly known as the StealthWatch FlowReplicator, the UDP Director is a high-speed, high-performance solution that enables streamlined network and security monitoring while saving valuable configuration time and bandwidth.

Many network devices can only send messages to a single log management system, making infrastructure changes time consuming and costly. The UDP Director solves this problem by providing a single destination for all UDP data formats (NetFlow, SNMP, Syslog, etc.), and then forwarding the data in a single stream to one or more locations. Source IP addresses remain the same, so devices do not need to be reconfigured multiple times.

In addition to saving vast amounts of configuration time, the UDP Director minimises potential disruptions to network operations. The appliance also reduces data duplication, and therefore the amount of data flowing across the network, improving performance and bandwidth while still allowing for pervasive network and security monitoring.

“As network infrastructure and security tools continue to advance, an increasing number of solutions will require data streams from across the network,” said Kerry Armistead, vice president of product management for Lancope. “The last thing administrators need when trying to manage these data streams is to be burdened by a slow network or overwhelmingly tedious and time-consuming product deployments. With the UDP Director, these issues are drastically minimised since all of the reporting devices can send data to one location, and do not have to be reconfigured each time a new destination device is added to the network.”

By aggregating disparate data and directing it to various collection points, the UDP Director:

  • Preserves network and data center performance
  • Improves network security, traffic analysis and monitoring
  • Reduces configuration time for network infrastructure
  • Allows for less data duplication and bandwidth consumption
  • Decreases unplanned downtime and service disruption
  • Streamlines change management

Available as a physical or virtual appliance, the UDP Director is easy to install and requires minimal support. Lancope also offers a high availability version of the appliance featuring failover capabilities to provide extra protection for critical environments.

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