Procurify Introduces New Accounts Payable Solution

Vancouver, BC - 9 December 2015

The new mobile/cloud based application streamlines payment invoicing, reduces operating costs and improves payment efficiencies

Procurify, a global leader in mobile and cloud-based purchasing, announced today that its latest accounts payable platform delivers a seamless interface for businesses to digitally manage invoicing and payments with advanced dashboard insights for real-time spend monitoring and improved cashflow management.

"Procurify has always been about evolving our solution and delivering new product features that our customers want and need to be more efficient in running their businesses. Creating an intuitive accounts payable solution that offers flexible processes and invoice automation while remaining true to the mandate of simplicity at Procurify was something we found as a need for our customer base especially our larger enterprise customers," said CEO & Co-Founder, Aman Mann. "Procurify AP is another example of how we are focused on creating exciting new products as we continue to create value for our growing user base."

The release of Procurify AP is one of the most anticipated developments in Procurify's history, and customers and investors are excited we are bringing it to market. Procurify Accounts Payable helps businesses take a big-picture view of their accounts payable process, whether they call it that or not, and seize opportunities to improve cash flow, eliminate paper shuffling, pay bills on time and retain vendor goodwill.

Procurify Accounts Payable presents a customer-centric approach with solutions for:

  • Cash Flow Management
  • Spend Analytics
  • Accounting Integration
  • Statement Reconciliation
  • Credit tracking
  • Access on web and mobile

Offering customers the ability to manage payments with flexible approval workflows, Procurify Accounts Payable provides Procurify customers with the ability to solve real business challenges with a focused user-driven, easy-to-use platform. Procurify Accounts Payable saves accounting administrators both time and costs with full integration with accounting softwares and configurations to fit customers' unique accounting systems and processes.

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