JHC introduces NEON – a new standard in wealth management software

London - 1 December 2015

JHC Systems Limited, a leading provider of wealth management solutions, today announced NEON, a brand new software application that enables wealth managers to provide a better investment service and manage more clients, whilst in the office and on the road.

NEON greatly increases wealth managers’ productivity by combining powerful client management and investment management in a single solution, all driven by sophisticated workflow tools. Extensive performance and risk analysis delivers enhanced insight, and alerts wealth managers to potential issues and opportunities, allowing them to be proactive and make better informed decisions on behalf of investors.

“NEON’s mission is to enable investment professionals to work smarter and achieve more. We have achieved this by putting the wealth manager at the heart of our design, resulting in an incredibly powerful yet highly intuitive application. NEON is fully mobile and the experience is specifically designed to support those activities out of the office, such as improving prospect and client meetings. Strong investment performance is a key differentiator for our clients, and with NEON we are introducing a suite of investment analysis tools to help maximise investor returns whilst managing risk and ensuring alignment to mandate” explained Peter Murphy, Head of Product at JHC.        

NEON has been designed in conjunction with leading wealth managers, focussing on innovative ways to help them to work more efficiently and effectively. NEON is developed on JHC’s new application platform Element, announced earlier this year, using the latest digital technologies to give the wealth manager full mobility with access to key information and functionality anytime, anywhere. The new solution is powered by JHC’s market leading and award winning wealth management platform FIGARO, used by over 60 institutions across the UK and Europe.

 “Through working closely with our clients, and looking across the industry as a whole, we have a deep understanding of the challenges that wealth managers are facing in order to succeed in a highly competitive and evolving market”,  said John Blackman, Chief Executive Officer of JHC. “NEON addresses these challenges and supports new opportunities, giving investment firms the ability to grow their business whilst meeting the needs of an increasingly demanding customer base, and all within a fully compliant framework. We are extremely excited about the value NEON will bring to our customers.”

Regular enhancements to NEON will be delivered with an agile approach, enabling JHC to promptly respond to client feedback, market trends and regulatory demands, in addition to improvements driven by internal innovation.

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