Ballintrae and FISD Announce Pilot To Deliver the BERRD Exchange Information Policy Service to Member Financial Institutions in Asia/Pacific.

18 August 2015

Ballintrae is partnering with FISD to enable FISD members in Asia that are consumers of market data to review B.E.R.R.D. Information Policy content for Asian exchanges.  This pilot is designed to enhance consumer awareness and assist compliance with exchange market data distribution policies.  B.E.R.R.D.  is Ballintrae’s Exchange, Rules and Regulations Database containing the policies of over 150 exchanges.

Ballintrae is a specialist IT consultancy firm focusing on the financial services industry. The company has been established since September 2002 with clients ranging from the largest of the Tier 1 banks and brokers to the niche specialist boutique financial services organisations. 

"With the transformation in the use and application of market data, the financial services industry must be aware of market data information policies to assure that data is being used with full knowledge of the associated restrictions and financial liabilities.  B.E.R.R.D. is intended to equip institutional consumers of market data with a tool that enables them to review market data distribution policies, to account accurately for market data usage, and to be compliant with exchange policies," said Tom Davin, Managing Director, FISD. "We are excited to be working with Ballintrae. They have strong and established relationships with financial institutions and exchanges.  Our combined expertise will help to address the challenges that FISD’s members that consume market data face by giving them access to B.E.R.R.D.’s Exchange Information Policy details on compliance requirements and financial obligations.” 

Ian Pearson, Ballintrae’s Chief Executive Officer said, “We are continually working with Exchanges globally to have our interpretations validated as this is important for us especially as we indemnify our clients.  We are delighted that FISD’s Asia Pacific constituency of Consumers will use the information and summaries held in this key tool that we are constantly updating and improving.”

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