Oracle’s licensing model is costing too much for UK Government, say TmaxSoft and Streamwire

11 August 2015

Government’s plan to seek alternate relational database providers is good news for British taxpayers

The British Government is right to examine alternatives to Oracle because of excessive overspending for the software giant’s services, says TmaxSoft, a specialist in middleware and enterprise IT infrastructure, and its Premier Partner, Streamwire.

An internal memo has leaked from within the Government that calls for IT chiefs to end their reliance on Oracle for relational database software. This alleged note – reported by The Register and other news sites – highlights significant concerns about the amount civil servants are spending on the giant’s applications and software.

Current Government guidelines of £93 per license per person, soon to be reduced to £52, is in stark contrast to the reality of costs, with the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) paying for over two million Oracle licences at £155 per person.

James Mills, Sales Director, TmaxSoft, stated: “The alleged internal Government memo is reflective of many of the problems many other customers are having with Oracle. Again and again, users are paying more for services that they neither want nor need, and Oracle’s overcomplicated licensing policies are at the heart of the matter. It could be argued that it is abusing the position of trust they currently have with Government departments.”

Anne Stokes, CEO of Streamwire, added: “It is somewhat inevitable that the size and scale of these agencies has led to the unfortunate development of ‘software sprawl’. License buying is not proactively reviewed and, due to other pressures, departments take their eyes off the licensing ball. This can lead to overpaying for services that the organisation doesn’t need, leading to huge overspending and wasteful use of resources.

“If this note is to be believed, then IT leaders are taking a long hard look at the relational database software supplier market for viable alternatives to Oracle. This is fantastic news for British taxpayers, with their money being spent in a more conscientious and manageable way. It is also interesting that the Government is willing to take a stand against the big players having a stranglehold over its departments, which ought to be congratulated. Regardless of software enterprise, doing an informed overview of the competitor landscape, looking for the best value and trustworthy alternatives, could save the government billions against Oracle and others over the next few years.”

James Mills continued: “Our leading product TIBERO, developed to be a cheaper, viable alternative to other relational databases such as Oracle, is not only resonating with UK IHVs, VARs and systems integrators but ISVs looking for increased competitiveness. As it’s based on complete compatibility with Oracle, the time to change existing applications is kept to an absolute minimum, and existing database personnel can be reused in a new TIBERO environment. This message in particular is driving interest and our market footprint.”

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