National Voice Data Prepares for Cloud Growth by Expanding

Sydney, NSW - 25 November 2014

With one third of its new clients forecasted to migrate to the cloud, National Voice + Data is leveraging Platform Equinix to prepare for the cloud uptake 

Equinix, Inc. (Nasdaq: EQIX), the global interconnection and data center company, today announced that National Voice + Data Pty Ltd, a leading player in the Australian corporate communications market, will deploy in Equinix’s first Melbourne data center, ME1. The deployment in ME1 will further expand National Voice + Data’s cloud platform throughout Australia. This also expands National Voice + Data’s footprint with Equinix, initially having deployed in Equinix’s Sydney data center, SY3, in 2009.

One fifth of National Voice + Data customers already leverage the cloud, while industry forecasts suggest that one third of enterprises are expecting to move to a hybrid cloud model by 2018.

Deployment in ME1 will enable National Voice + Data to further expand its national voice, data and cloud infrastructure and bolster itself as a ‘cloud-first’ full service telecommunications provider. Equinix is assisting this transition by providing the scalability and service consistency that National Voice + Data needs to support the roll out of its advanced services in Melbourne, Australia’s second largest market, thereby meeting their growing customer demand.

Equinix provides a global platform of high performance data centers with consistent quality of service and high levels of reliability. For the past five years National Voice + Data has benefitted from this in SY3, encouraging the company to expand to ME1.

With direct access to more than 1,000 network providers and the ability to interconnect with more than 4,500 companies and partners, Platform Equinix™ allows National Voice + Data to connect with a variety of service providers to effectively deliver its cloud services. This benefit also extends to National Voice + Data’s customers who can connect with an established ecosystem of businesses to accelerate their digital supply chains.

Located in Port Melbourne, ME1 will provide a capacity of 1,500 cabinets, with the first phase of 375 cabinets scheduled for completion later this year. Melbourne accounts for almost a quarter of Australia’s economic activity and has become a hub for technology companies.

Eric Constantinidis, group - CEO, National Voice + Data Pty Ltd: “This expansion in Equinix allows us consistency with our suppliers, flexibility to expand with customer demand, and interconnectivity at high speed for our customers. Equinix’s global footprint and interconnection services give us a competitive edge to build and deliver the best cloud solutions for our customers. Once deployment is complete in ME1, every customer that uses the National Voice + Data network from an Equinix data center, will inherit the benefits of performance, agility, and an amazing cloud experience we always look to deliver.”

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