cCredit from SIX Payment Services offering contactless payments

Zurich - 25 November 2014

The new function makes the checkout process more efficient at the point of sale / quicker than cash payments / simple implementation even for international trading chains 

SIX Payment Services is adding a contactless payment function to its cCredit software terminal. In time for the business peak at year-end, merchants can use this function to handle payments at the cash register quicker, thus cutting queuing times – customers simply place their card against the contactless reader on the terminal. There is no need to insert the card into the card reader. Contactless payment with cCredit is therefore considerably quicker than cash and the existing payment methods involving cards.

This is an issue for retailers all year round, but even more so just before Christmas: speeding up the checkout process and making it more efficient is particularly important during the Christmas trading period.

Contactless payment meets these criteria and offers customers greater convenience than in the case of existing payments using a debit EC or credit card. The payment process occurs far more quickly and waiting times are greatly reduced. For amounts of up to EUR 25 in the EU or CHF 40 in Switzerland, customers can generally make payments without entering their PIN or providing a signature. In the case of higher amounts, customers will be asked for their PIN or a signature on a payment receipt for security reasons.

Optimal checkout process thanks to full integration

cCredit from SIX Payment Services is a software terminal that is directly integrated into the cash register system. There is no need to take time manually entering the amount due into a second device. Instead, the amount is transferred directly from the cash register to the terminal. This makes payment via cCredit considerably quicker and less prone to errors than with other solutions. The tried and tested software terminal can be operated locally on the cash register system or centrally on a server.

Thanks to an internationally standardized cash register interface, cCredit can now be used with the payments terminal Yomani XR in 14 European countries. This gives internationally oriented merchants the advantage that the payment process is handled with a standardized payment solution at all their locations across national boundaries. Using cCredit offers merchants significant potential savings on the cost of logistics, updating cash register software and POS staff training.

Simple rollout for existing customers

The contactless payments function is provided by the Yomani XR payment terminal, which includes the hardware and software required for communication with the card. Of the 23,000 terminals currently in use with existing customers, the older PIN pads are now being swapped for the innovative Yomani XR. Around 40% of the units in the field will have been converted by the end of the year. For some of the largest international customers – in the fashion trade, for example – the rollout has already been completed successfully.

Functionality ensured for all cards

The contactless function of cCredit is supported by leading credit card companies for contactless payments: PayPass from MasterCard and PayWave from VISA. This enables customers to make quick and secure contactless payments in shops using their credit card. ExpressPay from American Express will also be in place by the end of the year. 

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