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11 November 2014

We are a community of ardent problem-solvers and strong client partners. With more than 100 employees across four global offices and a 100% client retention rate, our mission is to deliver best practice solutions with accurate real-time data so that asset managers can efficiently manage investments and trading. 

Our Products

Black Mountain’s Everest empowers portfolio managers, traders, analysts, compliance and risk officers, and technologists across the enterprise to interact with their data in a unified, intuitive, and highly-customizable environment so they can conduct in-depth analysis and discover valuable insights.

Babson Capital: An Ibor Solution

Everest is able to integrate with nearly any back-office investment accounting system, prime broker or fund administration service, as well as any data, pricing or analytics feed or service, in order to aggregate and enhance holdings, trade and asset data. In doing so, it is able to provide front-office asset managers, traders, risk analysts, and compliance officers with real time, enriched investment holdings independent of portfolio or fund entity. One such example is a view of the firm’s Investment Book of Record (IBOR) rather than its Accounting Book of Record (ABOR). 

Babson Capital Management LLC, with $142B invested under multiple strategies, 100 asset types, and different currencies and managed on multiple back-office administration systems, required a solution to improve firm-wide position reporting for risk management, which at the status-quo was limited to once-a-month with a 5-day delay. Babson also sought to provide greater transparency for investment professionals to make informed investment decisions. Black Mountains’ IBOR solution for Babson resulted in a single enterprise platform with 148 users that provides an aggregate holdings view across over 90,000 positions, 349 portfolios, and 15 currencies. Babson Capital estimates that firm-wide position reporting at current pricing went from days to just a matter of minutes, and is updated near real-time for trading activity. 

Real Time Portfolio & Process Metrics

Quickly understand real-time financial and operational metrics to help guide trade & investment strategies and business processes

Configurable Portfolio & Process Dashboards

Create custom holdings views, summaries, and reports

Client Challenge

  • Managing portfolios in local excel files
  • Process lacking real time market and trading insights, on-demand reporting and analysis, controls, security (access) etc.

The Black Mountain Solution

  • Integrates real time with market data so users always know the exposure profile of all portfolios
  • Robust and on-demand reporting and analysis at a portfolio, asset class or strategy level

A Feature Rich Product Offering

  • Data aggregation across multiple portfolios and asset types enables users to customize dashboards and reporting analytics
  • Real-time integration to trading and investment activity enhances ability to analyze cash, committed, ordered, or forward portfolio exposures
  • Combines master data with dependent data and analysis in parent-child panels to view the portfolio from multiple angles and dimensions
  • Intuitive functionality, including on-screen drag-and-drop, with embedded graphics and calculation engines
  • Performs yield calculations against forward curves and performance attribution analysis against actuals
  • Create, model and compare portfolios and indices against each other

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