Addressing Investment Management Challenges Through Innovative, Client-Focused Technology

11 November 2014

For portfolio managers that need to efficiently manage investments and trading with accurate, real-time data, Black Mountain’s Everest platform offers best practice solutions that enable them to focus on activities that add true value and superior performance. Unlike custom-built or competitors’ software, Everest offers low-risk and rapid deployment of fully supported solutions for all asset classes with the flexibility to conform, adapt, and grow with changing company, market, and regulatory needs.

Our Products

Black Mountain’s Everest empowers portfolio managers, traders, analysts, compliance and risk officers, and technologists across the enterprise to interact with their data in a unified, intuitive, and highly-customizable environment so they can conduct in-depth analysis and discover valuable insights.

  • Bring dozens of siloed data sources into one unified environment
  • Produce valuable portfolio & market insights through in-depth analysis of aggregated data
  • Refresh your data with real-time activity
  • Empower non-technical users to produce valuable market insights through dashboards and reports
  • Eliminate the boundaries between systems, information, and people

Newstar Financial & Fifth Street Finance Corp: Deal Management Solutions

At Black Mountain Systems, we address investment management challenges through innovative, client-focused technology. Many businesses tend to turn to Microsoft Excel or Access to manage and report their deal pipelines and portfolio data. However, these systems are generally not integrated with CRM or portfolio management systems and require a great deal of manual data entry, and thus are limited in the analytical value and flexibility they provide the businesses that use them. Luckily, an alternative is rapidly gaining traction throughout the industry. It is the enterprise platform, which integrates core business processes and existing systems including Excel financial models, third-party data sources, and investment administration systems into a single software architecture. Everest, Black Mountain's enterprise platform, provides availability and reliability of data, resulting in businesses reporting significant cost-savings and higher levels of data accuracy.

Fully Supported Solutions For All Asset Classes With The Flexibility To Conform, Adapt, And Grow With Changing Company, Market And Regulatory Needs.

How we’re built

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