enTrader® now integrated with Trayport®’s GlobalVision Trading GatewaySM

London - 28 May 2014

Trayport Contigo, a leading provider of energy trading, portfolio risk management (ETRM) solutions, today announced that its enTrader® portfolio management system is now fully integrated with Trayport®’s GlobalVision Trading GatewaySM.

This integration combines Trayport’s front office expertise and Trayport Contigo’s experience in successfully delivering ETRM solutions. Trading firms can now automatically capture energy trades executed on Trayport’s Trading Gateway and map them to pre-configured instruments in enTrader where they are fully enriched and valuated – without set up or configuration.

Unlike many other ETRM systems this solution gives customers real cost savings when using enTrader together with Trayport’s Trading Gateway by providing a fully integrated trade and post trade execution platform from a single vendor. The activity of mapping new market instruments is an ongoing overhead which can be unpredictable in terms of time and costs. In the worst cases, the ETRM systems instrument configuration is not maintained resulting in the Front Office missing trading opportunities because the back end systems cannot handle the downstream processing of the trade. 

Trayport Contigo provides a Market Data Services subscription that automatically configures new instruments in enTrader as they become available in the market.  Similarly, Trayport’s Gold Mapping Subscription ServiceSM keeps the Trading Gateway configuration up to date.  These two subscription services ensure that traders always have access to the latest market instruments and that Straight-Through-Processing (STP) of the trade into the enTrader ETRM and beyond is seamless. This allows clients who trade across multiple commodity markets to accelerate integration projects while reducing costly mapping errors and effort.

Tim Rogers, Head of Sales and Business Development at Trayport Contigo, said, “This integration brings together Trayport’s proven trading solutions and Trayport Contigo’s modern industry leading ETRM technology. enTrader is a true pan-European ETRM platform built for EU energy trading from the ground up. No other ETRM vendor is able to provide straight through processing from trade execution through to enrichment, valuation and processing of the entire trade lifecycle out of the box." 

He added, “Additionally, enTrader is integrated with Trayport CompleteSM, Trayport’s regulatory compliance solution which allows trading organisations to record and submit data to achieve EMIR and REMIT compliance.  Trading Gateway, enTrader and Complete can all be delivered via the cloud allowing new customers easy and cost effective access to a fully integrated trade execution, ETRM and compliance platform from a single vendor. This massively reduces the risk and effort that is traditionally associated with the implementation of this type of solution.”

enTrader enhances the  trade process by utilising reference -data to add value information such as counterparty data, delivery location, contract size, delivery profile, and Master Agreement. Additionally this functionality allows enTrader to accurately value executed trades by factoring in pre-configured local market conditions such as public holidays, daylight saving and delivery profiles. enTrader can then aggregate and calculate volumetric and cash positions across multiple portfolios in real time. Various positions, can be compared, valued and analysed, allowing risk and exposure to be quickly determined. 

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