Clearwater Analytics Announces Investment Policy Compliance Monitoring Enhancements

Boise,ID - 28 May 2014

New Functionality Makes Investment Policy Compliance Monitoring Faster and More Intuitive Than Ever Before

Clearwater Analytics, a leading provider of integrated, web-based investment accounting and reporting solutions for insurance companies, today announced the release of new compliance product functionality to enhance existing monitoring capabilities. Clearwater now features a faster and more intuitive compliance interface that clients can rely on to easily monitor their investment policies.

These new enhancements will improve insurers’ ability to instantly assess whether or not investment portfolios are in compliance with the NAIC’s Compendium of State Laws on Insurance Topics (investment policies) in any U.S. state, even as state policy guidelines change. If a state or internal policy is out of compliance, Clearwater automatically notifies the client of any violations. Insurers can then drill into the portfolio to view the violations. In addition, Clearwater has released enhanced audit and reporting functionality to improve how insurers manage and understand their investment portfolios.

“Monitoring and maintaining compliance with state-mandated investment policies is a tedious task for many insurance companies,” said Brian Stephens, Clearwater’s Insurance Client Services Team Lead. “Every day, Clearwater produces over 15,000 investment policy compliance tests on behalf of our clients. By automating investment policy compliance monitoring, insurance executives can concentrate on what they do best—protecting the portfolio from risk and looking for opportunities to increase investment yield.”

“Clearwater relies on client feedback to improve our solution, and to provide enhancements that help make our clients’ processes better,” said Scott Erickson, Clearwater’s Director of Product Management and Client Services. “And because we provide a SaaS solution, our clients are able to benefit from new product enhancements like this as soon as they are available.”

What Clearwater’s new functionality means for insurance clients:

  • Compliance with any state-mandated investment policy is automatic, intuitive, fast, and more powerful
    than ever before
  • A new focus on customization means insurers can add data points (lot-level detail such as unrealized gain/loss, book value, duration, book-adjusted carrying value, etc.) and can view policies and investment portfolios any way they want
  • Enhanced reporting and auditing capabilities allow insurers to generate custom investment policy compliance reports and export notes and resolutions to inform relevant internal and external stakeholders
  • With daily views into investment policy compliance, insurers can easily direct managers to adjust investment portfolios 

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