Metamako announces its eagerly-anticipated 48-port switch

Chicago and Sydney - 19 May 2014

Australian-based Metamako, supplier of ultra-low latency devices to exchanges and the trading community, has now released MetaConnect 48, the 48-port version of its switch. Metamako’s switches are unique in combining ultra-low-latency performance with high levels of functionality, usually only available on much slower devices. In benchmark tests they demonstrated excellent deterministic latency.

The design of the newly-available switch is an evolution of MetaConnect 16, the 16-port version of the device, launched in December 2013, and offers an outstanding performance with a latency of 4-6 nanoseconds. With a much higher port density the new 48-port switch is ideally suited for larger installations, where there is a requirement to plug in a large number of devices.

Dr. Dave Snowdon, founder and co-CTO of Metamako, says: “MetaConnect 16 has been very well received by our customers, and is being used in a variety of ways: to process market data as well as for signal tapping, dynamic patching and media conversion. However, firms have been asking us for a 48-port version, for larger installations, where there is a need to be able to plug in lots of devices, such as switches, FPGAs and computers. With a latency of between 4 -6 nanoseconds it’s the perfect device for low latency environments. In fact, customers who are not trimming their fibres to the nearest foot will not be able to tell the difference between the performance of MetaConnect 16 and MetaConnect 48.” He adds:”We’ve had such a high demand for the switch that we’ve had to ramp-up production.”

The performance of MetaConnect 16 was benchmarked by STAC in April. The test results showed that the latency of the switch was undetectable at a rate of 100,000 messages per second and was only 2 nanoseconds at the maximum rate of 600,000 messages per second. The benchmark simulates conditions in a typical trading network, using data from US equities order-book feed-handlers. MetaConnect 48 exhibits latency which is consistent with adding 32 ports.

Snowdon comments: “Deterministic performance of devices and networks will become more and more of an imperative. In today's challenging trading environments networks and devices must deliver exceptional performance for each and every event. Not only that, but for venue operators, determinism implies fairness.”

The key features of MetaConnect include: packet statistics for diagnostics and troubleshooting; functionality for remote rewiring; network taps for splitting signals such as market data and timestamping, all without adding latency or compromising signal quality.

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