Smartvista for Fuel Retailers Launched in Middle East

Dubai - 14 May 2014

BPC Banking Technologies announces availability of solution at Cards & Payments Middle East 2014

BPC Banking Technologies, the leading provider of Open System payment solutions, announce the release of SmartVista for Fuel Retailers at Cards and Payments Middle East 2014. SmartVista for Fuel Retailers has been designed to allow fuel retailers to capitalise on the opportunities presented by the changing market. It provides comprehensive support for fleet cards, enables the creation and management of integrated loyalty programs, automates the entire payment process, easily integrates with a wide variety of systems and delivers total reliability regardless of business volumes.

Product management is a key strength of the solution, enabling the creation of innovative products in a matter of hours. New services can be added to existing products without resorting to complex, time consuming and expensive software development projects. SmartVista brings the tools needed to implement the rules associated with any fuel card schemes: if one scheme allows the purchase of motor accessories but not confectionery products in addition to fuel, then a company can easily implement those rules.

SmartVista for Fuel Retailers has advanced capabilities to prevent fraud: the system can be configured with information about the capacity of vehicles’ fuel tanks, and it can use this information to validate fuel purchases. If a vehicle is refuelling too frequently, or if the mileage covered between refuelling stops conflicts with the amount of fuel used then the transaction can be flagged as suspicious or stopped completely. For added security BPC’s sophisticated fraud prevention solution – SmartGuard can be deployed. Operating in real-time, the solution monitors 100% of transactions across all channels.

The solution also supports a wide variety of payment products and services used in fleet programs including cards, coupons, RFID tags, and mobile applications. SmartVista for Fuel Retailers enables customers to acquire fleet cards from third parties and interfaces to the world’s most popular fleet card schemes, including UTA, DKV, E100 and many others. As a multi-currency, multi-lingual, multi-tenant, multi-institution solution, SmartVista for Fuel Retailers can be quickly and easily configured to reflect the most sophisticated and complex environments.

SmartVista for Fuel Retailers also supports incentive calculation, accounting and provides a range of redemption options – including cash redemption, discounted goods, free goods and fee reduction. The solution supports the real-time utilization of loyalty points at the point of sale, ensuring that customers can gain immediate benefit from their prior purchases. It easily integrates with existing systems to gather data for loyalty points calculation and can be connected to external systems to share information for co-branded programs.

“BPC is delighted to launch SmartVista for Fuel Retailers at Cards and Payments Middle East this year. The fuel retailing market continues to develop, rising levels of competition and declining margins are driving demands for increased business agility - SmartVista for Fuel Retailers delivers that business agility. The solution’s flexible architecture supports numerous deployment options while ensuring that clients individual needs are met. Our customers in other parts of the world are already seeing the benefits of using SmartVista for Fuel Retailers. And now we are looking forward to helping fuel and fleet companies in the Middle East," says Daragh O’Byrne, CMO, BPC Banking Technologies.

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