VPD Managed Services: AIFMD

6 March 2014

VPD now offers an automated, structured approach to the data management and reporting requirements outlined in the AIFMD, in order to help you and your managers achieve compliance across all your funds and fund management entities.

The Alternative Investment Funds Managers Directive (AIFMD) impacts companies that manage an Alternative Investment Fund and has become one of the most prominent regulatory topics in the European Fund Management industry. As part of the VPD Managed Service, VPD will research data anomalies, program and set alerts in line with your fund strategy notifications, and report these to you, offering a fully collaborative approach to ensuring a consistent and accurate filing.

Retrieving and storing data - retrieving data from multiple sources, storing a full history as a Golden Copy. This includes portfolio holding data, instrument and issuer data, transaction data with trades and cash flows, book-keeping data, client holding data, share class data, as well as counterparty and broker data.

Data Reconciliation and Calculation - data reconciliation is introduced as part of the data workflow, with VPD managing full administration in mapping all data types into the buckets needed for the AIFMD report, combined with pre-defined and customised calculations such as portfolio leverage, performance, Regulatory Asset Under Management (RAUM), turnover and liquidity.

Risk Management - VPD can integrate your external risk engines to automatically retrieve VaR and other risk figures as well as monitor investment restriction and thresholds, such as liquidity risk and leverage.

AIFMD Reporting - VPD can deliver the final template for the frequent reporting to the local regulator published by ESMA is including hundreds of data parameters that need to be mapped, reconciled, calculated and retrieved from different data sources. VPD also cover the reporting obligations to custodians whose reporting obligations become more frequent and extensive.

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