Banks See Significant Rise in Lending With Loans Secured by Marketable Securities

Dublin - 5 March 2014

Your organization can experience:

  • Strong loan growth at maximum profits
  • Rapid origination, approval and closing
  • Best Loss Given Default (LGD) rates
  • Best practice credit risk management
  • Lowest cost of capital to fund loans
  • Fully user definable application of bank lending policy; collateral eligibility and discounting
  • Strong ROI
  • Low cost of technology ownership

Many USA banks are experiencing the above.

Global leaders in Enterprise Collateral Management software, Rockall Technologies, is pleased to announce a significant increase in the demand for its product STOC (Systematic Tracking of Collateral) for processing loans that are predominately secured by marketable securities, also known as securities based lending and sometimes known as non-purpose loans. STOC provides its clients with an application to monitor and manage all aspects of exposures secured by liquid collateral; cash and marketable securities e.g. equities, bonds, treasuries, municipals, commercial paper etc. The system supports both portfolios of securities under management of the financial institution itself or under management of a 3rd party institution.

Rockall Technologies' many clients are witnessing consistent growth in the sales of these loans. STOC facilitates the sale, origination and closing of these loans quickly and competitively. Once closed, STOC monitors the position of these exposures and carries out automated margin calls, statement production and release management. This ensures maximum risk management, in real time, at the lowest possible operational costs. The company has an impressive client list with a range of institutions from boutique firms to large tier one banks. Rockall offers in-depth business and implementation knowledge through its people and the best of breed functionality that is embedded in the solution.

Clients have seen business thrive as their loan books increase in size. This provides maximum profits and efficient risk management, due to effective and efficient selling of these loans and the monitoring and tracking of the collateral in real time. The bank at any time knows exactly how exposed it is to any loan, any security and its overall market exposure and can take the required measures necessary, if and when required. The centralized solution offers a single source of collateral truth. The solution is regulatory compliant 

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