OneSource Information Services, Inc. changes name to Avention, Inc. and Reinvents Business Information Market with Launch of New Application

London - 4 March 2014

First Company to Deliver on Potential of Big Data for 21st Century Business Information Solutions 

OneSource Information Services, Inc., a leader in transformative sales enablement and business information solutions, today announced that the company has changed its name to Avention, Inc. OneSource, previously a subsidiary of InfoGroup, was acquired 18 months ago by private equity partners GTCR and Cannondale Investments, Inc., with a vision to create a completely new approach to providing relevant and actionable business information to its clients. With the first phase of investment and transformation now complete, Avention represents the future of business information.

Avention also announced today the immediate availability of a new application for sales, marketing and research professionals. Aventionâ„  leverages the world’s most comprehensive database of business information and natural language processing and semantic understanding to gather, understand and interpret Big Data, delivering actionable information with pinpoint accuracy. 

“The dynamics and speed of business commerce today requires a different approach to gathering and interpreting business information for sales, marketing and research professionals to be truly effective at what they do,” said Jonathan A. Flatow, Avention chief executive officer. “New markets arise in which traditional identifiers like industry codes don’t exist, such as ‘cloud computing’ and ‘sustainability’ among many others, yet there is a steady stream of available related content on the web, which can be harvested to vastly improve sales, marketing and research department performance and efficiency in those new markets, as well as in the more traditional markets,” said Flatow.  “Anticipating the needs of our growing customer base, leveraging Big Data and other unstructured data sources must play a major role in sales, marketing and research programs. The new Avention product addresses that need.”

Effective today, Avention will be available to new customers. Current OneSource customers will be transitioned to the new Avention solution upon subscription renewals starting April 1, 2014. An integrated CRM version of the product will be available to new customers through effective immediately, and Avention will support Dynamic Demand in the coming months. 

In today’s business environment, it is critical to have access to not only a breadth of relevant data, but also the context of that data.  By understanding the context of data and updating this information in real-time, Avention customers will be able to better leverage resources to make smarter, faster prospecting decisions, turning them into more qualified and engaged customers.

“We are thrilled to launch Avention, together with a namesake application that has been recognised by industry leaders as a ground breaking technology,” said Jonathan A. Flatow, chief executive officer at Avention. “We’ve learned that data alone is not enough. With Avention, for the first time, users will have access to a solution that not only provides them with the data they are looking for, but tells them what they should do with it. This changes the game for sales, marketing and research professionals that need to make better prospecting decisions more quickly or find just the right piece of information. We invented this industry nearly two decades ago as OneSource.   As Avention, we’re reinventing the entire way you will look at this market.”

According to Forrester, sales teams too often follow a traditional approach in customer engagement that is guided by corporate agendas and messaging specific to the company’s product. When selling to customers that have become increasingly more knowledgeable, marketing, sales and research teams need sales enablement solutions that allow them to efficiently leverage customer information to understand and assist with a prospect’s priorities before interaction.  An annual Forrester study of executive buyers found that only 20 percent feel the sales agenda focuses on their needs while the other 80 percent focuses on varying degrees of the seller’s objective.

Avention addresses the needs of these sales, marketing and research teams through its four innovative application pillars. Offering the most user-friendly interface available, the features and functionalities allow organisations to take data to the next level, customising information of value to the individual or department and providing the functionality needed to take action through one product.  The four main innovations delivered through Avention include:     

  • Conceptual Searchâ„ : A next-generation technology enabling customers to search a comprehensive business database of both structured and unstructured data using relevant business concepts for sales initiatives or research tasks.
  • Business Signalsâ„ : Using any number of Avention’s 1,000+ Business Signals, Avention users can now configure a highly granular search for their ideal profile beyond classic measures for segmentation (location, revenue, number of employees, etc.), helping customers identify and target more accurate sales prospects and researchers find more relevant data.
  • Ideal Profileâ„ : Allows users to choose from thousands of characteristics that best define their “Ideal Profile”, streamlining the process by which sales, marketing and research teams describe and prioritise traits and characteristics of a targeted company or contact, and compare to others across the Avention global universe. 
  • SmartListsâ„ : Leverages Conceptual Search, Business Signals and Ideal Profile to understand the weight, scores and priority of the data in the list. With SmartLists, Avention customers can now build highly targeted lists that tap into the “big data” explosion and apply previously unavailable granularity and precision to lists. Working in tandem with Business Signals, SmartLists are also updated in real time based on customised parameters.

“This solution is amazingly good,” said John Blossom, president and senior analyst at Shore Communications Inc. “In my extensive history and years of evaluating sales enablement and business information technology, I’ve seen only a few of these elements appear in products elsewhere. The scale and sum of Avention is truly impressive.”

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