InvestSoft Technology announces the addition of new corporate action and variation margin modules that integrate fully with the IBOR (Investment Book Of Record) engine of its Modular Investment Management system

3 March 2014

InvestSoft Technology, a provider of innovative investment management, accounting and analytics software, today announced two new modules that integrate fully with its IBOR (Investment Book Of Record) engine. The IBOR engine is a trade, tax-lot and portfolio position management solution that serves as the core of its modular investment management system. Several buy and sell-side firms have integrated the IBOR as a core component within their investment management systems.

InvestSoft’s IBOR, previously known as TradePulse, has been in production for over 10 years and was completely rewritten in 2012 to take advantage of the latest service-oriented architecture and web technology.

Recent enhancements include:

  • New corporate action module allowing the entry of corporate actions affecting equity, fixed income and derivative securities, and automatic processing of the corporate actions to update the security and cash positions of the account(s) holding the security.  The module saves significant operational effort by automatically generating upcoming corporate actions affecting fixed-income and other securities (e.g. Coupon Payments, Maturities, Calls, Puts, Sinks, Futures Expiration, etc...) for user review before processing.
  • Integration of InvestSoft’s IBOR and InvestSoft’s fixed income analytics engine, providing accurate calculation of Accrued Interest and many other measures for the comprehensive universe of global bond types and bond features (e.g. regular bonds, odd-coupon bonds, perpetual bonds, bonds with Calls/Puts/Sinks, variable-rate and floating-rate bonds, mortgage-backed bonds and ARMs, inflation-indexed bonds, emerging market bonds, toggle bonds, IRS, CDS, TRS, etc...).
  • New variation margin module allowing the automatic creation and processing of daily cash in/out transactions due to “mark to market” variation margin activity on Futures and other securities.

The IBOR links directly to any trade order management system, schedules and processes corporate actions and maintains portfolio security and cash positions (in any currency) at both the tax-lot and position level, and on a settle- and trade-date basis. It integrates seamlessly with InvestSoft Technology’s analytics module and fixed income portfolio modeling module, thus accessing fixed income and derivatives analytics for securities and portfolios, and providing extensive accounting calculations. Users can leverage InvestSoft’s proprietary enterprise database design and experience integrating with multiple vendor data feeds. InvestSoft has developed a unique design of web services calls to its modules allowing easy custom development of the GUI to meet any firm’s specific needs and desired layout. This comprehensive, yet flexible solution, minimizes operational and initial setup costs, reduces transaction and reporting errors and streamlines mid- and back-office workflow.  

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