Forte Wares Set To Revolutionize Business Reporting

29 March 2014

Forte Wares, the solutions division of Forte Consultancy Group, today announced its newest product, CIWare, a groundbreaking solution that will bring a fresh perspective to the BI domain, is to be introduced at the ABTEC Exhibition & Conference in Bahrain on the 8th of April, 2014.

The fifth of Forte Wares’ products to be launched, CIWare is a welcome addition to an already stellar bundle of BI solutions that aim to help companies ramp up their commercial practices.

CIWare, which is short for “Causal Intelligence Ware,” is a product that radically changes the way business reports are prepared and disseminated inside companies, not only breaking down user adoption barriers, but also making reporting more proactive and accessible than ever.

The product, once deployed, proactively via email provides specific critical actionable information to different individuals inside the company when certain pre-identified triggers are hit. With such an environment established, business decisions can be made immediately, without executives having to dig in through dozens of reports or dashboards, without it being too late.

Explaining CIWare, Berkin Ozmen, Forte Wares Managing Partner, stated “Imagine you are the Chief Marketing Officer of a company in the service sector. Now imagine you know around the clock you have a solution that will warn you via email almost real-time when, for example:

There is a more than 10% increase in the number of customers in the high-value customer segment closing their accounts
A certain branch, dealer, or store had a 20% or more decrease in earnings in the prior week
The sales of a certain product or service have decreased more than 30% in a given region
This is what CIWare is all about, giving the right information to the right people at the right time, cutting through the mounds of useless data to enable effective and rapid decision-making.”

Mr. Ozmen further added “CIWare also identifies root causes, making the decision-making and action-taking process all the simpler.” To illustrate his point, Mr. Ozmen gave an example: “If sales have dipped 5%, CIWare doesn’t just point this out, but rather, it gives deep and actionable information – that the 5% decrease in sales has been triggered mainly by:

  • A decrease in spending of 20% by the elderly segment primarily in two cities
  • Stock-out issues experienced in 10% of the stores in those two cities
  • Further triggered due to a 30% decrease in marketing spend over the time period

Mr. Ozmen touching on the capabilities as well as the design philosophy behind CIWare, stated, “We designed this solution to do essentially what a human Business Intelligence Analyst could do, capable of digging in to all available data to find the root causes triggering business problems or opportunities, and reporting findings to the people in the business that can take action on it.”

Commenting on the need for CIWare, Forte Consultancy Group’s General Manager Ali Pirinccioglu stated “the business reporting practices of most companies today are not effective; either too many reports are produced, reports that are usually very high level, not actionable, delivered too late, and end up being ignored over time, or are too basic, as a dedicated internal BI capability is required to provide deep and meaningful information. With this new solution, businesses will be spared valuable time and resources, and given the critical information they need at the right time to take action and ensure a positive impact is made to the bottom-line."

The company announced that it will be showcasing the solution during ABTEC 2014, the leading invitation-only event for the financial technology community in the Middle East & North Africa region, to be held on the 8th and 9th of April. Mr. Pirinccioglu stated “we believe that the launch of CIWare fits perfectly with ABTEC's vision of introducing game-changing technology to the most passionate and innovative IT leaders, which is why we also became a sponsor of the event. We cordially invite all delegates to our stand at C03, for a demonstration of how CIWare is set to change how analysis and reporting is done, forever.”

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