Verdmont Capital S.A. Launches White Label Solution

Panama City - 25 March 2014

Verdmont Capital S.A. is pleased to announce that it has developed the Verdmont Capital S.A. White Label Solution, a proprietary white label brokerage software platform. The full service platform is turn-key, and is available to qualified licensed financial firms in approved jurisdictions worldwide.

The White Label Solution platform is comprehensive in all respects as a global custody and trading solution, and is therefore designed to be a full service solution for brokerage firms. It includes the following capabilities and features: Trading, Contracting, Portfolio Management, Instruction Management, Reporting and Client Website Services. Moreover, the product includes access to Verdmont Capital S.A.’s highly experienced operations team that serves as a transparent and reliable front-end service for the platform.

The specific and pertinent elements of the White Label platform are as follows:

• Global custody and asset servicing.
• Online equity and options trading in worldwide markets.
• Bonds, futures and derivatives trading through Verdmont's trade desk.
• Portfolio management for brokers and financial planners.
• Client-accessible website including white labeled statements.
• Order contracting and commission engine.
• A comprehensive suite of reports including required regulatory reports.
• Workflow instructions for automating tasks such as wire transfers and security movements.

Verdmont Capital S.A. provides all the necessary protection and equipment that allows both firms and their clients to securely access information from the institution's network. In fact, security is paramount for the Verdmont Capital S.A. White Label platform and is the foundation of the system. The platform is hosted entirely within Verdmont Capital S.A.'s highly redundant data centers, and all websites are SSL encrypted using the institution's own certificate.

"The White Label Solution platform is a great solution for brokerage firms," says Mauro Perez, IT Development Manager at Verdmont Capital S.A.. "Our sophisticated end-to-end platform is designed to be reliable, user friendly, and above all, secure. As part of the package users will also have direct access to both our IT services and our experienced operations team to ensure smooth transitions and ongoing success."

Additional benefits to the platform include the following: Verdmont Capital S.A. handles all custody and counterparty relationships. The system facilitates multi-currency transactions and all accounts can hold balances in any currency. And, all software can be rebranded to suit the color scheme and logos of the white label firm, and therefore, from an end user's point of view, the system appears to be hosted by the institution.

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