Creditron Unveils Unique Virtual Batching Capability

Rockville, MD - 18 March 2014

Feature eliminates presorting of mail and accelerates exceptions resolution 

Creditron, a leading provider of payments processing solutions, announced today that the company has expanded the functionality of its leading remittance automation platform with Virtual Batching capabilities. 

Creditron’s Virtual Batching eliminates the need for billers to presort remittances during mail opening using an Opex AS7200i device.  Virtual Batching utilizes the configurable page-type classification on the Opex AS7200i to virtually ‘sort’ transactions into batches based on preset definitions for payment types (such as tax, water or utility payments) and payment method (cash, card, check). 

Creditron’s Virtual Batching expands on the functionality of the Opex AS7200i to electronically separate balanced transactions from exceptions such as scan-line mis-reads, check-only transactions, unbalanced transactions, and correspondence. This automated balancing and batching feature is available today in the ItemAge Express software for any transport but can now be enhanced with the addition of multiple payment stream types detected by the Opex software.

Virtual Batching is fully configurable by a Creditron Installation Specialist.

“Today’s announcement extends the leading performance of our remittance automation platform with unique Virtual Batching capabilities,” said Creditron Founder and CEO Wally Vogel.  “Virtual Batching eliminates the presorting of transactions during mail opening, and provides billers with faster visibility into exceptions, enabling quicker resolution and improved funds availability.”

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