Anova’s First AOptix ULL-3000 Now Installed in the Field

London, New York and Chicago, IL - 18 March 2014

RFConnect Upgrade Utilizing AOptix ULL-3000 Moves Into Deployment in NY/NJ Metro 

Anova Technologies together with their joint venture partner, AOptix Technologies, today announced that construction on the first ULL-3000 path has now commenced in New York/New Jersey metro area.

“This is monumental,” stated Michael Persico, Founder and CEO of Anova Technologies. “We’ve moved the technology from the trial network into operational deployment. To date, our tests have delivered results that exceeded our model-based forecasts. We believe our networks will be the fastest in all weather conditions.”

"We've been working with Anova to conduct rigorous field trials of our AOptix Intellimax product, and I could not be more pleased with the results," said Dean Senner, Chairman and CEO of AOptix. "Intellimax serves broad needs for ultra-high bandwidth wireless communications with carrier-grade availability. The technology is ideal for mobile backhaul, enterprise last mile access, ad-hoc mobile networks and low latency networks like the one we're building with Anova. As we move into the deployment phase, Anova's expertise combined with our breakthrough wireless technology will create a compelling offering for the financial community, delivering bandwidth, speed and availability along the shortest, most direct route."

Anova Technologies pioneered wireless financial exchange connectivity first with millimeter wave deployment, and now with AOptix’s ULL-3000 hybrid Free Space Optics (FSO)/Millimeter Wave RF (MMW) system. This partnership presents an end game connectivity solution by combining two powerhouse features: Anova’s shortest-distance paths and AOptix’s patent protected ULL-3000. Specific features include:

  • The AOptix ULL-3000 advanced wavelength diversity delivers Carrier-Grade availability: Transmits redundant data streams on diverse wavelengths (optical and MMW) and picks the best packet in real time using Dynamic Packet Resourcing (DPR).
  • Anova’s 5000+ FCC registered licenses: Links adhere tightly to the great circle, minimizing distance between sites; thereby optimizing latency.
  • Anova’s proprietary algorithmic route software: Routes are identified and selected within a matter of minutes, preemptively identifying all obstructions. This process reduces deviation from ‘as the crow flies’ distances to within meters.

“Our route software uses an algorithm to find the shortest paths in regards to geodesic distance,” asserted Kieran Athy, CTO of Anova Technologies. “Furthermore, it empowers us, from the office, to coordinate our installation field techs around any line of sight obstacles with accuracy of within 18-24 inches. We are beyond the old-school line of sight process everyone else utilizes where crews on the ground end up dictating path shape and adding links because they can’t find a way around a tree, for example. That’s how other providers end up with zigzag wireless routes that are slower than they should be.”

Hundreds of radios are being deployed throughout the upcoming weeks, overlaying Anova’s NY/NJ shortest path spectrum with the AOptix ULL-3000. The first networks are scheduled to be completed mid-Q2.

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