Perseus Offers Bitcoin Trading on ATLAS ATS - Welcome to the New World

Hong Kong and New York - 12 March 2014

The Digital Currency Initiative (dci) Division of Perseus formally launches.

Perseus Telecom, a leading provider of high-speed global connectivity, High Precision Time™ and Market-to-Market networks announced today trading Bitcoin on ATLAS ATS in New York, Hong Kong and Singapore. ATLAS ATS is a Wall Street proven digital currency exchange platform, securely designed, compliance driven and deployed for maximum liquidity. Perseus will be the exclusive Network Service Provider (NSP) for ATLAS ATS and has the ability to offer trading of any asset class worldwide on the Perseus high precision network of fibre and microwave access.

Perseus has created a division called the Digital Currency Initiative (dci) to establish standards to support the Bitcoin trading community. The dci provides access to the Perseus worldwide network with connection to exchanges, risk technology providers and other market participants. Bitcoin trading is now gearing up to the high precision trading standards executed each day by leading market makers, hedge funds and investment banks and by its nature is fully electronic and fast.

“Perseus offers high precision trading access in colocation centres worldwide and adding ATLAS ATS as a new and highly liquid platform is an immediate response to customers demanding Bitcoin trading,” says Dr Jock Percy, Chief Executive of Perseus. “The Perseus Digital Currency Initiative is providing governance strictly supporting KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) principals."

The ATLAS ATS matching engine was built for Equities, Options, Futures and FX and has a matching speed of 30µs (30millionths of a second). Importantly, ATLAS ATS has a hack-proof multi-tiered architecture and offers the only 100% cold storage (offline) omnibus account ensuring only the quantity necessary for day-to day settlement and operations is online. ATLAS ATS, powered by Perseus, is highly scalable; using open source industry standards for online/offline wallet technology in digital currencies & the financial market standard FIX Protocol. The platform is secure, agile, and robust as either an out-of-the-box exchange or a multi-tiered ECN.

“Selecting Perseus as our exclusive global network partner allows the ATLAS ATS teams in New York, Hong Kong and Singapore to focus on maintaining first to market advantage with the most robust FIX engine for digital currency trading," says Shawn Sloves, Chief Executive of ATLAS ATS. “The ATLAS ATS team is comprised of financial technology veterans, including bespoke risk control expertise, which directly impacts our ability to mitigate issues throughout the entire eco-system of the Bitcoin trading cycle.”

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