Cashless Events: Experiencing world stars instead of standing in line

Zurich - 12 March 2014

At concerts and other events, you are unlikely to find the headline act playing at the food stalls. To make sure festival visitors get value for money, they can't afford to spend time standing in line, meaning that cashless payments are particularly practical. PayLife, a wholly owned subsidiary of SIX, has held a pilot project in Austria with two completely cashless festivals.

The benefits of card payments at major events are clear:

  • No need to stand in line for long periods for food and drink; payments can be made quickly with cards allowing for contactless payments.
  • Merchants don’t have to deal with the hassle of keeping change on hand; festival goers do not have to carry cash
  • No danger that money could be stolen from the cashier, and no mistakes with change, even if things are loud and hectic, as is often the case at festivals

PayLife made it possible to put the benefits of card payments to the test in Austria: At both the Fridge Festival Vienna held on the city's Danube Island (November 2013) and the "Masters of Dirt" motocross event hosted at the Vienna Stadthalle (February 2014), there was no need for visitors to rummage around for cash. All payments were made using Quick, the PayLife prepaid card that allows for contactless payments. The prepaid card, which had an exclusive event design, was available at the entrance, and could be topped up here as well as at at many top-up stations at the event.

The cashless events simplified the payment process, including for the caterers. What's more, the final cashing up process at the Fridge Festival, during which the total transactions and turnover were calculated, only took one hour. A repeat performance is guaranteed, as the next Fridge Festival to be held in November will also be a cash-free zone.

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