NASDAQ OMX Trading Statistics January 2014

Stockholm - 3 February 2014

NASDAQ OMX today publishes monthly trade statistics for the Nordic[2] and Baltic[2] markets. Below follows a summary of the statistics for January 2014:

The share trading increased by 29.1 % to a daily average of 2.851bn EUR, compared to 2.209bn EUR in January 2013. Compared to the previous month, December 2013, the daily average increased by 28.3 %.

Derivatives trading decreased by 19.4 % to a daily average of 496,999 contracts, compared with 616,282 contracts in January 2013.

ETF trading[3] (Exchange Traded Funds) increased by 105% to a daily average of 72.4m EUR compared to 35.3m EUR in January 2013.

Nokia Oyj was the most traded stock during the past month, followed by Nordea Bank AB.

Merrill Lynch was the most active member during the past month, followed by Deutsche Bank.

NASDAQ OMX Nordic’s share of order-book trading in our listed stocks[4] increased to 68.9%, compared to 67.5% previous month.     

NASDAQ OMX Nordic’s share of order-book trading in Norwegian listed shares[5] decreased to 5.9 % compared to 6.4 % the previous month.

The average order book depth on the best price level was larger at NASDAQ OMX Nordic  than the second most liquid trading venue, see detailed figures per exchange:

  • For OMXC20 companies 3.2 larger
  • For OMXH25 companies 3.0 larger
  • For OMXS30 companies 2.3 larger

NASDAQ OMX Nordic’s average time at EBBO[6] (European Best Bid and Offer) was:

  • For OMXC20 companies 92.6 %
  • For OMXH25 companies 87.2 %
  • For OMXS30 companies 95.4 %


1) NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen, Helsinki, Iceland and Stockholm

2) NASDAQ OMX Riga, Tallinn and Vilnius

3) ETF trading figure encompasses NASDAQ OMX Stockholm and NASDAQ OMX Helsinki.

4) Source: Thomson Reuters and NASDAQ OMX. Included are all European marketplaces that offer trading in NASDAQ OMX Nordic listed shares.

5) NASDAQ OMX offers trading in all of the Oslo Bors listed shares.

6) EBBO (European Best Bid and Offer) refers to the current best price available for selling or buying a trading instrument such as a stock.

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